A lot of people I work with do not know anything about their energy, or when their energy is stagnant, or needing cleansed. Especially when I’m working with clients who have never thought about their energetic vibration. 


I want to talk about the simple steps you can practically do anywhere, or anytime of the day, to instantly feel better, have more clarity and focus in their daily life and feel so much lighter. 


Who doesn’t want to feel like this every day!


Why should you cleanse your energy and how can you cleanse your energy? And also, why is it a necessity in our modern day.

I’m talking from experience when I see clients who can have anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and stress which can stagnate or clog their energy field.


If you’ve got a lot of anger there’s emotional distress here. What happens is the energy becomes spiked and people can really trigger you. 


So if you could imagine a really nice balanced energy is a smooth energy and bright color and vibration around the body. This expands out to the body. Which can be quite a few metres. 

8 ways of spiritually cleansing your energy

Sometimes it just depends on how the persons character is.

If the person is very introverted, the energy will be very close to the body. This tends to help the introverted person to hide and not be seen easily. 

If the person is very extroverted, the energy really bounces out and that’s how you’re able to see them. We all know someone that either of these can apply to.

Everything has energy, but what actually happens is the majority of people who come to see me to help their low-level emotions, limiting beliefs, behaviours and/or connection to themselves or the spirit realm.

Really struggle with grounding, balancing and cleansing their energy. 

I always worked with energy first, before I even looked at the mind.

Here I discuss 8 ways of spiritually cleansing your energy

A question I often get asked is ‘Why does energy become stagnant?


Imagine a bright light and then think of putting a dark blanket over the light. Think of what that light would look like with a blanket over it. It would be very dull. 


A lot of the healers and therapists are very good at feeling or seeing the energy of a person.


I always start with the energy because if you don’t ground and cleanse the energy, there can be stagnant energy that’s been in there for many, many years from childhood. They could be 50, 60+ years old and they still have stagnant energy from childhood that needs to be released.


How that could actually go in the energy field is it, it could either be excessive, which extends from the body.


Or it could be deficient energy, which is closer to the body. 


So if I had deficient or  stagnant energy within my throat, I would find it very hard to speak my truth. It would be tight. 


If I had excessive energy within the throat I would just talk, talk, talk, but there wouldn’t be any rhyme or reason to that talk, it would just be verbal diarrhea! 


Deficient the very shy, the very inward in themselves. They don’t like to speak. 


Excessive can be overbearing and always like to control the conversation. The energy is protruded from the body.

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1.How To Ground Your Energy Instantly

When you walk in nature, either by water, trees, beach, fresh air, etc. this is you grounding naturally. Hence why you always feel better after a nice long walk. 


When you’re in the shower in the morning, set the intention to bring the abundant energy into the top of the head, cascading over the body with an imaginary golden light. 


You will know when your energy is ungrounded as you will be scattered in energy and your thoughts will be up in the clouds. 


So you really need to keep that energy grounded. And when do you keep your energy grounded. All the time, but I know in the modern world that can be impossible to many, especially if they keep giving their power to someone else. That’s why it’s very important to ground that energy. 


Going into nature and just sitting in nature and just, or even walking as you’re walking and just set the intention that you’re cleansing, you’re grounding your energy. 

Or buy yourself a grounding earthing blanket that you sleep on. This really helps you sleep better and eliminates anxiety, stress and depressive thoughts. 

2.How To Protect Your Energy From Others

Imagine a nice big bubble of light and ask your spirit guides, to bring in the protection you need into the light of the bubble. 


Sometimes I cleanse energy via the release of spiritual attachments or entities. This requires a professional to help with this really powerful protection. 


If you’re connected to your spirit guides, power animals, angels, ancestors or whoever, God source, whatever is, uh, you just call them them to do that protection, no silverware, how to, um.


If you have small children and they’re always crying or they are angry or anxious. You can help them by activating the energy within the palms of your hands that is abundant healing energy from the Universe. 


Stroke their energy around the body, and you will see them calm, this is also very good for adults too. 


Another way of protection of the self is wear a black tourmaline necklace and this will make you feel instantly better, it will bring calmness to your energy as well as protection from energy vampires.



3. How To Clear Your Energy Field

There’s a lot of fear in people nowadays that can trigger and make people hostile, which if your energy is not grounded or cleansed can really trigger you. 


Crystals are a great way to cleanse, especially Selenite moon crystals, don’t put it in water as it will dissolve. I actually have a wand in front of me beside my computer and I have pieces which cleanse my other crystals.  


A selenite wand is very good for cleansing all your energy field. Guide it all over the body, from the ground up to the top of the head and back down again until you have covered the whole of the body. 


You will feel your energy becoming so much calmer. 


Sage is also a very good cleanser for you and your home. As this lovely herb has been used for thousands of years as a cleanser in many spiritual practices. As it is believed that the sage keeps dark energy from entering into your atmosphere. I believe though, you need something a lot stronger to keep dark energy at bay!

4. Cleansing Your Energy

Selenite can also cleanse your energy as well as clear it, but what I find works best is A hot bath with lemons and himalayan salts .


I would advise if you work with many people or are a healer to cleanse with salts frequently, I do once per week, but if I’ve had a particular heavy releasing session with a client, I will cleanse straight after with lemon and salts,  clear your energetic space discusses this further.

5. Guidance When Your Energy Is Stagnant

Spiritually cleansing your energy is so much more powerful when you connect to the inner guidance that is within all of us. But sometimes we do not know we are holding onto stagnant energy. 


But how do you know, if you feel stuck in life, feel sadness for no reason, can’t get out of a circumstance that keeps playing out in your family, relationships, or friends and it keeps going into a negative emotion, this means you have a negative energy balance. 


A positive energy balance where you release this energy with the help of your spirit guides, ancestors or even your own imagination as I discuss here ‘How to change emotions quickly’


If you want to receive your inner guidance to release stagnant energy, just ask the spirit guides or ancestors to work with you and set your intention “release the energy, safely and effectively, that no longer serves me’.

6. Energetic Connection To Your Spiritual Guidance

This can help you go into your heart centre and allow you to feel like you’ve got this thing we call life. This really helps you if you feel lonely. 


When we connect spiritually to our heart centred spiritual guidance it transpires that we connect this centre of our being into a more loving feeling and therefore we can feel more alive, abundant, loved and joyful, regardless of what is going on within our life in that moment. 


A way I connect is by visualising myself in nature and just knowing or seeing myself walking about and feeling the air on my skin, and smelling the lushness of the trees or the sea. 


I then invite my spiritual guides into my place in nature and ask them to help me cleanse my energy. 


If you find it difficult to connect to your spiritual guidance, try a guided meditation from youtube, as there are thousands that will suit all walks of life. Or a meditation app on your phone.

7. Healing Generational Trauma With The Ancestors

8 ways to Spiritually cleanse your energy

I absolutely love working with the energy of the ancestors as I have seen many transformations from my students within the Spiritual Alchemist Sanctuary


Here is a very simple process that will help you heal generational trauma with the ancestors, if you would like to have more of this join the awakening as this has been designed for people with generational trauma. 


Listen to this FREE audio ‘Heal with the ancestors’ to help you heal the energy field with your ancestors. 

8. Positive Energy Balance Of Water

We all know the importance of washing away dirt and grime from our skin, but what about from our energy field?


Our energy is comprised of particles that can become stagnant due to a variety of factors.


If not cleansed on a regular basis, these particles will cling to your aura and emit negative vibrations. 


It can be challenging to remain in a positive mindset when you are constantly faced with negativity.


The energy field of your body is also subject to the outside world and accumulates this negative energy over time, so it’s important for everyone to have a spiritual cleansing once in awhile.


The Late Dr Emoto was a Japanese scientist that studied the effects of water on the human body and energy field amongst other things. He was a thought leader in his time. 


8 way of spiritually cleansing your energy

These images taken by Dr Emoto show how water responds to thoughts and words spoken to water.


So it is vital we keep our thoughts positive and also cleanse our water before we drink it 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favorite energy clearing practices. Remember, these are simple practices that you can do every day as a part of your spiritual maintenance routine.


If you’ve tried many of these practices and are still feeling out-of-balance, may I suggest booking a Spiritual Healing Session with me to help clear your hard-to-release energies or get your FREE energy maintenance kit from the Lightworkers Toolkit. 



Sending many blessings to you.

Ann Varney Spiritual and business teacher

Hi, Ann here,

I am a spiritual author of 2 books and I am also a spiritual teacher and business coach that helps people with their spiritual connection and teach them ancient healing modalities which are online certified spiritual digital programs. I also run spiritual retreats for transformation.