How do you know if your energetic space is clear? 

Sometimes we just feel there’s something just not right with our energy, we feel drained or we just really tired or, or we feel a bit, overwhelmed as we can also have excessive energy, where the vibration is too high.

Our energetic space is in need of energy clearance. 

I’m very lucky that I’m able to see energy and I can actually feel it too. So, and what I mean by that is it’s like a denseness, you are going into a room and someone’s been arguing in that room and you can feel that energy as you go into that room. 

That means that it needs cleansed because there was a big argument there. You really can feel it, especially if you are sensitive to energy.

What can you do to actually clean the energetic space and help yourself by clearing the energy that’s around you, that’s in your home, your work place or anywhere you go for that matter.


Lemons is a very good for detecting if there is good or bad energy as it is like a thermometer for high or low energy, light or heavy energy, clean or dirty energy, or positive or negative energy. 

If the lemon dries out after the two weeks it means it is positive energy. If it goes green mouldy with the powdery stuff on the lemon, that means that your energy spaces are needing cleared. If your energy space is needing cleared use some of these energetic cleaners. 

I cleanse my own energy by drinking lemon and ginger every morning. I also once a week, because I worked with a lot of clients, it’s very good if you are around a lot people too, I have hymalian salt with the lemon quarter’s in my bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. Another thing for cleaning your energy space. 

Lemon, apple cider vinegar and lavender essential oil is very good at cleaning mirrors and your furnishings of stale energy and it smells lovely, try it and you will save yourself a small fortune and it is environmentally friendly.

Crystal’s are something I tell my clients to get to help cleanse their energy field, some of these are  black tourmaline, snowflake obsidian, hematite, selenite, which is very good. Selenite is very good for cleaning all the rest of your crystals. I also have these crystals around my computer so I do not take on the energy. 

Essential Rose oil water sprays and flower essence of water or essential oils also very good, and spraying this over your aura will instantly lift your energy.

Smudge stick is very good for cleansing the energy around you and in your space, especially if you are doing group healing. If you’ve got good energy within your space and it takes you to light that sage, it means that is good energy. If the, the Sage really burns, it means you need to have a deep cleanse. 

Set an intention and allow the sage smoke to go into walls and corners of the room you are working on also if it’s your energy you are cleansing allow it to go all over your aura even breathing it in and blowing it out. 

When you clear space always welcome energies of a higher frequency. Bringing in your spirit guides, ask your spirit guys to come in and help you to cleanse out negative energy within your energy field and space. 

Set an intention to do daily energy cleanse and definitely a weekly one if you are around a large number of people. 


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