What exactly is an energy ball?

It is an excellent way to learn how to manipulate energy effectively for manifestations and it can also do countless things. It’s fun to create an energy ball that is all about manipulating or controlling unique chi or magical energy. 


You can form it into a ball and even command it to do so. A task for you learning to create an energy ball is exciting and excellent training to increase your concentration exercise, your willpower and be a more effective energy manipulator for manifestation.


Energy ancient occult teachings express this idea that everything in the universe is made of energy. Even modern science, specifically quantum physics, has proven this belief. But what is magical energy? 


This magical energy is not new. Even in ancient times, people have used and referred to this mysterious power in India; it is known as prana. China, it goes by the name of chi.

We know that there are energies that we cannot see. It’s easy to understand this concept. The radio is on. There are radio waves that are attracted to that radio that you don’t see.


So you know, there’s a field of energy around you that you cannot see, assuming that you have some control over it because you do. 


The different chakras in your body manipulate your energy. There’s more than seven. You could find thousands of them, but there are primary centres between 13 and 7, depending on how you define it. Some of these energy centres are two centres combined, if you want to know more about this read my book, ‘An Empath’s World To Freedom.”

Create a Quantum Energy Ball For Manifestation

As you can see, learning to control this energy is an essential skill that you must have. The good news is that creating an energy ball is one of the best and fun ways to learn this magical craft. From now on, you have to think about energy, as everything in the universe is composed of magic power. You are made of energy. 

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How do you manipulate this energy?

Manipulating magical energy is a skill that every person should learn. As we move to the new earth, how do you manipulate magical energy and make it form into a ball according to ancient hermetic teaching? 

The key that you have to remember is that you can manipulate magical energy by using your mind, remember this secret energy follows thought—one of the most incredible ways that you can understand.


Energy, coming to your mind, understands that atoms electrons, the smallest subatomic particles, can disappear and reappear anywhere in the universe. They do not have to travel; they disappear into a quantum field and then can reappear. They have the ability of instantaneous travel to anywhere in the universe. 


These atoms are attracted to other similar atoms – like attracts like, if you start to think about energy, the atoms associated with that energy will pop up right there, you may let them dissipate. Still, they will appear just by thinking about it. Your thought brings them up. This attraction is from the thought and the action that you take.

plasma, sphere, energy

You should know that imagination is the best tool. If I tell you to imagine a frog, you get a picture of it in your mind; although this may be okay, you can still take it to the next level by using more senses. Don’t just see the dog, hear it barking, smell it, feel it, the more sense you use, the more you make it powerful and real.


Modern science has discovered that the mind cannot tell the difference between physical reality and imagined. It’s not a surprise since, according to magical teachings, those that you imagine are also real.

Can You Visualise- Sensory or Tactile

It is only the modern world that taught man that their imagination differs from reality, so from now on, think as a real magician and know the truthfulness of your imagination. 


If you find it hard to do visualisation, you might like what many refer to as tactile visualisation. When you do tactile visualisation, you do not use any visual or sensory imagination, except only the sense of feeling. 


So, instead of imagining a bright burning ball between your hands, feel a hot sensation between your hands without having to see a hot ball in your mind’s eye. Some people prefer it this way.

Create an Energy Ball From The Universe

Do not be content with just the regular way to visualise things or tactile, but use all the senses at once, for this is the way to true power. Before you can create an energy ball, you need to draw energy from something. 

People make a big mistake when they first start manipulating energy because they give their power; you’re not doing that; there’s unlimited energy all around you. It would be best if you pulled up your energy.


Tai chi exercises are some movement, oriented exercise that pulls energy. You can even visualise the energy pulling up through your feet.


If you don’t want to move around, there is energy inside you and all around you; your energy is your energy. There’s also the energy of the sun, the moon, the oceans, the rocks and stars. The energy all around you is referred to as universal energy. Don’t be confused; these are all the same energy force, but they vary in quality and vibration.


With the power of your mind, you can draw energy from anything and everything. It’s not always good to use your personal energy since it can be draining. 


If you spend too much personal energy, then you might end up drained and tired of drawing energy from external sources, so it’s advised that you first create an energy ball using some outside energy. You can absorb energy; you can pull it up.

Imagine the light of the energy ball

Use your imagination. You can visualise energy in any way you want when you’re just starting. It is often recommended that you see the energy as white light, but then again, you are not limited to this. 


If you want to see it as green or even blue, you can do that. You can even imagine it as water; it has the effect of water; it is like water that is not wet, but you can imagine it like water, and sometimes I found it to be better and more effective.


The important thing is to know and intend that it is a magical energy that you are manipulating.


If you want to draw energy from the sun, visualise the sun in the sky; you do not even have to see the physical sun and visualise a ray of light coming down from the sun and let it enter the top of your head And then let this ray of light flow and form a ball between your hands.

Bring the Energy into your body

The energy comes in through your body. As you get better at this, you will start to understand and use this energy. There are so many different kinds of energies, and you can filter out and pick the best energies to come through your body. 


What you can do is use your chakras in your body as sort of a filter. You can pull this energy through your feet and imagine it coming from the earth, you can imagine energies coming down from the sun, and you can test the difference between these energies. 


You can pull them into your heart and use the heart as a sort of alchemical tool and let the energy come out through the heart into your hands; by doing this, you become sensationally aware of the energy that moves to your body, and you start to move it.


Holding your hands out, you’ll feel the heat. The tickling sensation of the ball. You’ll see it in your imagination: you’ll pull it up. You see the flow of energy as it comes up through your body into your hands, and you’ll start to see this ball of energy. 

Bring the energy ball into the hands

First, rub your hands together for about 10 seconds. Next, position them in front of you, as if you were holding a ball, bring them as close as possible, but do not let them touch. Do not even allow your fingers to touch now. 


As you breathe in, slowly connect the energy to the breath. Bring your hands slowly apart and, as you breathe out, slowly bring your hands back as close as possible, without letting them touch. 


After a few seconds, you will start to feel some pressure and tingling sensation between your palms.


You know you’re pulling in energy, sending the energy out one of your chakras into your hands. 


So you understand the theory and the idea of how it works. That your mind is connected to this energy, and you think about it. 


The first thing you want to do is have a plan. 


Why do you want to have and use an energy ball? 


Do you want to use it for protection, for healing or just for fun?

Chant into the energy ball

This process can involve a variety of different mantras.


Some people prefer the OM. Vibrating your vocal box in some way seems to be more effective. It concentrates your mind.

Program the ball and fill the energy ball

It is your will that will be done. There must be a purpose. Don’t create the energy ball, just for the sake of it; there must be a purpose. This is when you can think about other details, such as how long you want your energy ball to exist, its colour and others. 


Always set your intention first, as this will help you charge the energy ball.


Once you know why you want to have an energy ball, it is time to move on to the next step.

Charge Your Energy Ball

How do you recharge your energy ball, which I found to be effective.


Generally, how long it’ll be charged, typically 15 to 21 days, is how long an energy ball will stay charged. You should give your energy ball a lifespan you set for how long you want it to exist.


Certain crystals have allowed certain energy balls to stay fully energised for long periods.


I call upon the elements, earth, air, fire, water, to combine and move through my body (if I cannot feel the abundant energy around us) to come through my heart and into my hands that might be more powerful for you, but you should be able to feel the energy ball at this point. 


If you don’t feel anything, you need to add more and more energy until you are satisfied.

Let it go

You feed it with more energy in the same way you’ve created it, be energy, and then, once it’s complete, you let it go. You have to let the energy ball go and do its task.


You can blow on it. You can throw it, move your hands away and see it moving away. This technique is powerful, and it’s one of the reasons why the energy ball technique works. 


It is a physical way for you to let go once the energy ball is on its way. You can stop thinking about what you want to manifest. 


Often, we overthink about things, and sometimes I would say doing the energy ball technique will help you let go of what it is you’re trying to manifest. You can do this to experiences, ideas for anything that you want to create. 


You can send this energy ball to work on creating some reality to work on helping you find a relationship. You can use the energy ball to help you heal and find things you want to find. 


All I can tell you is it’s worked for me in crazy ways, and you can use this as a way of intentionally using your mind to send out intentional manifestations.


Instead of just quietly trying to dream about them at night, letting go means sending it out into the world. It also means you must not think about your energy ball a lot of times.


You replace the energy ball and start over again for it to do its mission. You have to let it go completely, get busy with something, do something to make yourself busy, to forget about it. The ball will begin to do its work.

How to make an Energy Ball

Now you know all you need to know, let’s start manifesting with your Energy ball, Simple steps to achieve this:


  • Get grounded and breathe
  • Bring in the energy from the earth
  • Bring in the energy from the sun
  • Be aware of the energy flowing into your body and energy
  • Take your awareness into your heart space
  • Let the energy connect at the heart space
  • Let the energy flow into your hands 
  • The energy will now be created into a ball
  • Make the ball any size you wish
  • Set your intention for its purpose (what do you want to manifest)
  • Give it a secret name (not just any name, make it a powerful one)
  • As you are manipulating the energy, visualise what you want to manifest with all your senses
  • As you are visualising, chant OM or whatever chant you wish
  • Set the intention of how long its charge will be 7- 21 days (can be anything, but if longer you need to recharge it in a few weeks)
  • If you use symbols, put them into the energy ball
  • If you want to charge a crystal with it, send it to the crystal
  • Now let it go, send it to wherever you want it to charge
  • Take your mind completely off the energy ball
  • Breathe and go about your day!


You’ve done it; keep practising as it will get stronger with practice

Experiment with other methods

Some people do not believe in themselves or what they’re doing. That undermines the power of the energy ball. You can do this in meditation. You can do it in various ways, but the process of just imagining the energy manipulating the energy controlling and programming the energy is a process that you need to be coming into power with. 


I recommend once you get good at it that you use elemental powers, you can increase the fire, air, water, wind energy to it.

Let me know in the comments how you manifested with this powerful creation. 

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