Ann Varney


Ann Varney

You are equipped with everything needed for success in life but not always aware that these tools exist within us or what we can do with them!


Our minds are like a muscle. The more you push them to grow and expand, the easier it becomes for your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to change in ways that make life feel better (and hard times less painful).


In becoming our best selves we all have hidden talents waiting just below the surface of conscious awareness but without insight they can stay buried deep within ourselves never coming out – think about how YOU would be if YOU found these gifts! Be honest with yourself; ask “Do I love myself?” You deserve nothing but happiness from here on out.

I help you gain deep insight into yourself in order for us to change how you perceive yourself in the world. We then remove any emotions attached with those people involved when it comes down to circumstances or events so as not to impede progress. It is important that we address all aspects of subconscious beliefs or patterns by using a variety of tools like conversational hypnosis techniques and energy work because one may have more than just one pattern going on at once!




FREE your mind from continuous negative thinking

RESOLVE the source of your behaviours & emotions

ENERGISE your energetic blueprint to a higher vibe

ELEVATE your life to a new way of being


Achieving your goals has never been easier! Why not take advantage of my phone consultation and get the clarity you need. When we connect, I will spend some time chatting about what is challenging you at the moment––if it’s a problem that can be solved with understanding alone or if there are other factors contributing to its persistence. Let me help guide you so you could do something incredible for YOU, give up those bad habits once and for all! I will help guide you to the root cause! Just provide me with as much information as possible on the form below. 



Congratulations! After filling out the form I will send you an email with a link to schedule your call. Be sure not to miss it by looking at the spam folder. After submitting, click on this confirmation page’s “schedule” button and be invited for a phone consultation session that will provide more information about our services or explore how we can work together in order for us both to achieve outstanding results over time.



I’ve found that people are often looking for a flexible option and not just in their schedule but also with how they learn, so I’m going to take some time during our call to get an understanding of what it is you’re seeking out from the session. Where I can better tailor this experience specifically around your preferences, and get you booked in as we work to FREE yourself and gain your POWER!


Connect a New YOU to FREEDOM!

Connect a New YOU to FREEDOM!