I get asked by so many people ‘But how do I know if I’m a lightworker’ and my reply often goes like this. There are many traits to being a lightworker, but you don’t need to be all of them. In the video above I discuss 11 different ways of being a lightworker.

So what is the definition of a lightworker: 

They are people who can have quite an adverse childhood.

They feel this energetic pull to help others. We as humans love to give ‘anything’ labels so we often label lightworkers as Earth angels, indigos, empaths, starseeds, crystal babies and spiritual warriors, who are here to serve humanity in the best way possible.

Here are 11 ways to know if you are a lightworker I discuss the different ways below:

  • You have some of the empath’s traits 
  • You feel like you have a higher calling
  • You love to help people
  • You can sometimes have fears of showing the ‘real you’
  • You have had an adverse life
  • Spiritually awakening is apparent in your life
  • Manifestation is a powerful tool you use
  • You know there is a higher power
  • You attract people who have problems
  • You hate to be judged, even though sometimes you sit in judgement

You feel like you are here to do big things

Yes that’s right! You feel like you are always rushing and there isn’t enough time in the day, because you have this feeling of never doing enough to help the world and raising the planet’s consciousness.

Wooow… slow down, breathe, cut yourself some slack and know that you are doing the best you can. 

You have some of the empath’s traits 

If you want to know more about an empath’s traits read my new book ‘An Empath’s World To Freedom‘ where I discuss the traits of an empath and lots of simple but very effective exercises that will help you on your journey!

But a very powerful empath trait is their sensitivity, and vulnerability. Step into that with power as I show you in the book.

You feel like you have a deep connection to your intuition

Well, some of you do and this helps you step into who you truly are and go about your day implementing your intuition in the best possible way.

If you are not connected to your intuition this can cause many issues within your life, such as depression, anxiety, soul loss, suicidal thoughts, not living your best life, and/or live in victim consciousness.

You love to help people

This is your calling to make the world a better place. To shine your badass spiritual light out into the world by helping people, I mean helping everyone that is around you and sometimes this can be a detriment to your soul.

When we keep giving sometimes our own ‘energy cup’ can get depleted, making us feel weak, anxious, very tired and sad.

So always make sure you fill your own ‘energy cup’ up first. I have the perfect energy tool for this in the ‘Lightworkers Toolkit‘ which is a gift to you.

You can sometimes have fears of showing the ‘real you’

We all hate to be judged. But lightworkers are extremely cautious of showing their real soul to the world in fear of being laughed at, or our friends and family ostradising us from the social circle we have created.

Because sometimes we create a person that we show to the world, but then after we have a spiritual awakening, we do not recognise the actual persona we have created for ourselves.

This can cause massive fear in your conscious mind to be the real you. But once you step over that fear…. Wow!! There is no stopping you from being your true authentic self.

You have had an adverse life

I don’t think I have met a lightworker that has not had a challenging life. Seems to be the more the severity of their life, the more power they hold as a lightworker.

What is more fascinating to me is once they awaken spiritually, everything becomes different as you look on your adversity as a strength instead of a weakness.

The shame and guilt start to dissipate, allowing your self-worth to be so much stronger.

Spiritually awakening is apparent in your life

The new buzzword right now is ‘Spiritual Awakening’ and has been for a number of years. I personally had my spiritual awakening over 12 years ago and boy was there some changes happening within my life as I discuss in ‘An Empath’s World To Freedom.’

But the more we hold onto our old ways for fear of being judged, the harder we make it for ourselves. Keep bringing the light into your heart if this is happening to you.

What I mean by that is put your awareness into your heart area and just keep feeling the love and ask your soul to show you that love if you have difficulty feeling it.

Keep expanding the light inside first and then outside of yourself and you will feel a shift happening within your energy field.

Manifestation is a powerful tool you use

We do love to manifest, the good and the bad! Look around you and see what kind of life you have manifested for yourself.

Where it is positive is where you had a belief in yourself. Where you see the not so positive, this is where you do not have enough belief in yourself.

So your subconscious is holding onto limiting beliefs or behaviours that you have maybe been holding onto since you were a child, so they are so outdated that you need help to change the subconscious mind.

Help is at hand with this as I have a free Manifestation course that can help you manifest more of the good stuff.

You know there is a higher power

That higher power can come in the form of spirit guides, ancestors, power animals and plant medicine.

You know you can get superior information from the ancestors before you.

Or you are gifted with a crystal clear perception of the invisible world.

Where you can gain guidance for yourself and others. You just know things before other people know them.

You get so much yumminess from the higher power. Your faith is strong and your intuition is so good that you can get the connection to the higher power in an instant.

You attract people who have problems

This can be very disempowering for you. As sometimes you can be easily manipulated into doing things you don’t want to.

You seem to attract energy vampires, narcissists, and people who never give very much in return.

Look around you at your friends and I bet there are some of those people who have major problems within their lives. 

Sometimes you just feel like it happens continuously to you, and you’re in a vicious circle with no way of getting out. 

You’re Spiritual and err away from religion

Yes, you see religion as too judgemental and contradictory. Whereas you see spirituality as a oneness, a consciousness that everything is connected and we are all one.

You love helping people step into their power so they can be their ‘own guru’ awakening the soul with their unlimited power and healing abilities.

Even though you have your own enlightened teachers and masters that help you with their teachings or principles. 

So I invite you to always stay connected to your own inner power and light.

If you would like to enhance this even more, the Lightworkers Toolkit which is free will help you ground and protect your energy whilst re-balancing the energetic body and soul.

It will also help you achieve a deeper connection to your spiritual guides and ancestors using different modalities. Even if you have never been able to spiritually connect to your inner power before. 

3 Ways to help you raise your vibration and shine your light to the world with power and connect to your inner goddess/god. Whilst, loving your soul at a deep level, releasing low-level emotions, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, limiting beliefs and self-worth issues. 

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