We’re going to be looking at your feelings and how to change them instantly.

There are two States of Mind and Body, which are discussed below:

The Animal State – Survival

It’s where you feel stressed within the body and where you’re contracting, which means there is a tightness in your body. 

Disease can go into the body if there’s an imbalance. Which can lead to you having emotional  breakdowns. This degeneration in the animal side, there’s fear, anger, sadness, selfishness and energy loss as well as your environment.

If there is energy loss, it can make you feel depleted. This can make you feel like you’re basically in the fight mode, where you just want to run away from everything and you feel separated from everybody. You feel very alone and your reality is determined by your senses. This has a cause cause and effect. 

You know, there’s a definite cause and effect when you feel like you’ve got limited possibilities. You know, you feel like you’re in a vicious cycle that can imbalance the lower chakras. You just don’t feel whole within yourself, and you just want to run like the animals do, when they are in survival mode.

The Divine State – Enlightenment. 

This state is when you’re creating, when you feel creation is going on within you, and around you and  you’re full of creativity. Creativity just flows from your inner being out into the universe. You’re fluid and your creative energy is full of expansion, you feel really healthy, you’re also at one with the Divine within you and nothing is restricted.

You’re at one with the divine and yourself in the present moment. Define vibrational energy completely flows to you. This is when you’re in the regeneration mode. Having faith and keeping that energy flowing will allow you to feel love, you will feel joy. Trust that the Universe has your back. You have that deep knowing. 

You have complete zest for life, you feel selfless. Using that creativity comes into present moment without thinking, you’re in the space of nothing. Nobody in no time, this is where you can create your own energy. 

This is really concrete, your present moment for your future moment. This allows you to grow when you can repair, your energy. There is divine emotions. And this is when you feel really connected, either connected to yourself as a whole or connected to the Divine. 

You reflect in love and compassion completely, where you’re causing an effect where you’re causing your own future, you know, and there’s all possibilities of the unknown.

Manifestation is when synchronicities happen, when things come out of the blue and you’re, you’re in awe and wonderment by things that happen in your life in a good way, that’s when the divine is present within you. So create those positive emotions and thoughts completely.

You are connected to all manifestations, expansion and a reality beyond your senses. You have razor sharp focus from within. You realise you are nothing, you have no body, and there is no time like the present. You embrace the unknown.

Change those Negative Feelings

How, I hear you say? Very easily, everybody just about everybody on the planet has at one time (or still have) negative feelings or thoughts. 

How long do you keep those negative feelings and how quickly can you change these. It all comes down to emotion, emotional intelligence and how quickly that you can change those negative emotions. 

Even I have negative emotions, not very often, but I still get them, but I’m very quick changing them because I have the skills that I can change them through years of researching human emotions and energy healing. (The images below depict how energy is recorded within the body, and where you will feel a denseness).

Those negative feelings are trapped within the body where they are stuck within the body and this can at some point cause dis-ease. So I’m going to give you as a few exercises that will help you release those negative emotions instantly.

I want you to think of a person that you love or love to be around or someone you respect, when you close your eyes and think of this person. Where in the body do you feel it, and what do you feel?

Most people feel it within the heart, throat or mind, there is no right or wrong place in where you feel this.

Let’s change those negative emotions you have of someone you either don’t like or have strife with this can be a work colleague, a family member, an ex-partner, only you will know who this is. So I want you to think of this person.

Again close your eyes and where in the body do you feel it.

Most people feel this in the lower chakras, again there is no right or wrong place you feel this.

Now I want you to imagine a chair in front of you, if you have difficulty imagining it, just pretend it is there.

Now give that feeling a colour and shape, and place it on the chair and I want you to change the colour to your favourite colour, and change the shape, if you want to get rid of the feeling imagine it is a tiny micro dot and throw it over your shoulder, never to be seen again.

How do you feel now, if the feeling has gone just imagine your favourite colour filling you up where you felt this negative feeling, if you still feel it (it can be in a different place within the body) just repeat till the feeling has left you.

Now imagine the person you love or have respect for and look up to them, and again where do you feel that feeling within the body. 

Imagine that chair in front of you again, if you have difficulty imagining it, just pretend it is there. 

Now give that feeling a colour and shape, and place it on the chair and I want you to expand that colour and shape and put it back into your body.

Feeling an intense feeling of love deep within you.

And just breathe that feeling into the whole of your energy centres and body.

This technique can be used with anything you have a negative feeling. 


I am Ann Varney a Spiritual Teacher and Coach and I help people with Soul Loss. 

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