How To Deal With Negativity Around You | Shamanic Energy

In this often challenging world, shamanic energy can provide us with the spiritual protection necessary to remain resilient in the face of lingering negativity. 


Our journey is one that requires both strength and vigilance – an ongoing commitment to keep our energies clear and protected from those who may seek to undermine it.


Shamanic wisdom helps us to stay in tune with our true nature, even when surrounded by toxic energy. 


Shielding and fortifying ourselves from such negativity is an essential part of leading a fulfilling life – both consciously and unconsciously protecting the spirit within. Here are 10 steps that will help you create more positive energy

  • Acknowledge that the negative energy is there
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax your body
  • Activate the energy centre and think of something you love
  • Imagine a glass wall around you that stops negative energy from coming into your energy field
  • Push that love out and breathe inhale and exhale and do this for as many breaths as needed
  • Visualise the negative energy dissipating into the air 
  • Allow the love energy to transform the negative energy into positive
  • Say a prayer or affirmation for yourself
  • Thank the universe for helping you get rid of the negativity
  • You will know if this has worked if others are so much nicer or leave (if not rinse and repeat)


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Acknowledge that the negative energy is there

Have you ever noticed that there can be a certain vibe in the office from time to time? Even if all is going well, something seemingly intangible lingers in the air and impacts morale. 


This “energy” has always been around, but during times of uncertainty and upheaval such as economic downturns or shifts in management, it can become overwhelming for many people, especially if you are higher up in management.


Unfortunately, this negative energy not only affects productivity through its general discomforting feelings but also inhibits the creativity necessary to develop strategies for overcoming hard times. 


In order to effectively tackle these issues and identify ways forward, senior management needs to recognise the presence of this negative energy – an important yet often overlooked first step towards progress.

Activate the energy centre and think of something you love

As an executive, you know how important it is to think critically and be both productive and efficient. To stay on top of your game requires energy – but not just any kind. 


As an expert in the field of success, I’m here to tell you that positive mental energy can actually have a tremendous impact on productivity and efficiency. 


No matter what job you are doing or the industry in which you work, activating your inner energy centre can help increase focus and motivation, as well as unlock previously untapped potential for success. 


By simply taking time out to do something we love we tap into powerful resources that drive us forward to achieve extraordinary results. 


Do you ever feel exhausted or overwhelmed? 


You may be suffering from energy drain, a condition that many of us experiences on a daily basis due to our busy lifestyles and the constant pressure of meeting deadlines or the toxic thoughts and actions of others.


To counter this stress we must activate the energy centre within us and shift our focus towards something that makes us happy. 

Visualise the negative energy dissipating into the air

Negative energy can be a heavy weight on your heart and soul, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. Draw from the power of love by visualising someone or something which brings you immense joy – whether it’s children, partners, animals or moments in travel. 


As if drawing strength for an invisible shield around yourself, breathe deeply into your emotional centre until positivity expands outwards like rays of sunshine banishing away toxic negative influences with every exhale.


Transform negative energy into positivity to unleash your true power


Start by visualising a glass wall of protection around you, and take some deep breaths with a focus on the belly button region – feel your emotional centre here. 


As you exhale, radiate out love and joy into any challenging spaces or people that come up in life’s journey. Allow this practice of conscious breathing to help shift old patterning while creating new pathways for more balance & ease within yourself.


This is on day 5 of the 30-day Spiritual Health Activation which you can access here 

The energy around you is more positive

If you’re feeling the effects of a spiritual shift, your well-being will improve—and those around you may find themselves drawn to it or decide that this newfound energy doesn’t suit them.

The good news is that there are things you can do about it. The next time you feel yourself being pulled down by negativity, try some of these steps and see if they help dissipate the bad vibes. 


You can access the 30-day Spiritual Health Activation here 


Do you have any other tips for getting rid of negative energy? Please share them in the comments below!

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