Embracing the Shadow Self

  Every single person carries demons inside of them, even the kindest, empathic, person has those deep-rooted demons that we call the Shadow Self. Sometimes we don’t know they are there as they are so deep-rooted, and sometimes we have full chaos of our life being buried in shame, guilt, jealousy and the likes…. Our Demons are a part of everyone of us as it is vital to embracing our inner work. Our inner demons are a very integral part of us and come in all different shapes and sizes. Whilst some are very quiet, you can hardly hear them and some are full-throttle ruining our lives. We may have one or more of these Shadows within us. What ones do you resonate with?  
  Egotistical Shadow They experience not being good enough and have a fear that nobody likes them or being a nobody that doesn’t exist. This person will show characteristics of egocentricity, narcissism, arrogance, self-indulgence, excessive pride, and can be inconsiderate. Emotionally Unstable Shadow Experience with them, is they think they are unlovable and no power. They have unresolved emotional pain. This person shows characteristics of being weepy, overemotional,  moody and very manipulative can be like a drama queen. Neurotic Shadow  This person fears life with others and themselves. they always want to be in control. This person shows characteristics of being obsessiveness, finicky, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, is very suspicious and demanding Cynical Shadow They can experience feeling too vulnerable and their cynicism protects them. This person shows characteristics of being very negative, patronizing, cantankerous  and resentful  Untrustworthy Shadow Fearing life is their experience. This person shows characteristics of being, deceitful, secretive, impulsive, irresponsible and very unreliable.   
 Cowardly Shadow This person has great disbelief in self and has a lot of fear This person shows characteristics that have the traits of being timid, weak-willed . Naive Shadow The refusal to grow up and a low individual ego This person shows characteristics that display immaturity, pettiness, being very illogical, and simpleminded.   Rigid Shadow This person has a fear of rejection and the unknown can have a chaotic life  This person shows characteristics of being narrow-minded, intolerant, uptight, uncompromising and obstinate. 
  Wrathful Shadow This person fears others and has a mistrust of life and can generally have a closed heart This person shows characteristics that are bitchy, quick-tempered, vengeful, always argue, and are ruthless.  Disconnected Shadow This person will have grief, fear, shame, and numbness, which is their defense This person shows characteristics of being distant, uncaring, unexcited, emotionally detached and indifferent.   Perverted Shadow Repressed sexual energy will be paramount in this person which possibly comes from  unresolved childhood wounds This person shows characteristics of being sadistic, depraved, corrupt and/or lustful. How many of these inner shadows can you relate to? Remember that this is only the dark side as we have the light side too.

How to Embrace it the Shadow Self

Create Art or Writing You can just allow yourself to become relaxed and at ease and a good way to see how many parts of the shadow self is within you, by drawing balloons that have the positive and the negative parts. I do this with children with great effect in the therapy room as they get to see that those shadow parts are actually okay.  You can also journal and just write to see what comes out just allow it to flow from you. Also, painting is a very good outlet for releasing your shadow self. Meditation  This is very good by imagining with your mind’s eye that you activate each energy centre, and ask where is your shadow self within that energy centre. I do this on a regular occurrence, at first I didn’t agree as I would say to myself no way do I have greed within me, but yes when I really looked at it and became friends with it, it really did transform amongst other parts of my shadow self. Projection Mirror Looking at all those people who have pissed you off or make you feel angry, really look at the characteristics within them as they will be within you. Whether you like it not. Even the people you absolutely hate or make your skin crawl. YES!! I know that one is a hard one to swallow. When you look at projection it helps you to take responsibility for yourselves and not make others your scapegoat with your unresolved issues. 
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