Simple Energy Exercises

This is for when you feel like you have no energy or you feel like you feel sluggish in the middle of the day. You know, when you just want to go home from work or the kids have been on the go all day.

Well, the thing that I do that really does work, if you put your, your hand on the opposite side of your body and press down hard and move the hand down the middle of the body and then do the other one press firmly within the body.

Tap into your kidneys at the back of the body, not too hard and not too soft, just tap three or four times. And what you’re doing is you’re just energizing those organs and meridians. 

So again, you put your hand over the other side of the body, bringing it down firmly down the opposite side of the body into the side of the body. Just as shown in the above video.

I use this to energise my mind and body and do this for about five or six times depending on how sluggish I feel because this is very good for people who are needing to energize during the day or night.

So again, hand on the back of the opposite shoulder, bring it down quite tight through over the body and then the other one.  

Whilst I actually feel quite energized doing this energy exercise instantly, especially when I felt very tired beforehand.

It’s a great exercise that only takes minutes and can be done sitting down, walking around, you get to choose, try it at the time of the day when you start feeling low in energy.



Again, the left hand is going to be a right shoulder and then come back over the body, and your right hand is going over the left shoulder.  Then once complete punch the back of your kidneys or the side of your body to re-energise you.

You’ll feel completely energised.  So just really feel those energies as this is the opposite hand to the opposite shoulder. Do it quite tight. Don’t do just very, very Slack.

But that would work because you have to top the meridians and it’s the meridians that need to be energizers added, have fun guys when you do it.  This also very good for children, and it’s very good for people with anxiety as well.

Do this whenever you feel low in energy or you need to be high vibrational. Let me know how it makes you feel.

To clear the energy in your home is simply just clap your hands loudly especially within the corners of your home.


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