A simple exercise from An Empath’s World To Freedom Book

Many people live with their fear and Masters in Psychology taught me the influence our childhood has on our adult life and what it can do to our identity, personality, emotions and behaviours. But what if you used your fear and turned it around into wisdom and used that fear to really live a life with passion.

Ask yourself these questions and answer truthfully.

  • What’s the worst that can happen?
  • What would it look like without fear?
  • What would a typical day look like without fear?
  • What goals would you have?
  • What is the dream that you wish? 
  • When do you want to be living that dream?
  • What does fear look like to you? 
  • Where do you feel it within the body?


If you were able to bring it out of the body and put it on an imaginary chair what would it look like, would it be a metaphor of a big black blob or coloured light, would it be someone you know sitting there.

Some of the clients I work with and also myself, have seen so many things sitting in that imaginary chair 

Because fear is always felt within the body as it is an emotional charge of energy. Suppose we don’t have skills to remove the anxiety or tension that is prevalent within the body. In that case, it can cause dis-ease as it can really become stagnant in the energy field. 

If you would like to remove the fear, do the exercise above ask yourself where do I feel any tension, restriction, heaviness within the body. 

And in your mind’s eye imagine a chair that you then put all that heaviness, denseness, etc. that you feel on the chair.

This can take a few moments, or it can take as long as 30 minutes to put it all on the chair, as it can be in many parts of your body and energy field.

What is the metaphor you see within the chair, it could be anything there is no right or wrong answer, it’s whatever your subconsciousness comes up with? It could be a brick, black blob, string shooting out of your body, a dark or light colour, or a person that has harmed you or someone you need to forgive … the list is endless here. 

Then ask yourself do you want to transform it, most people do, 

I get my clients to then imagine once it is all out of the body to squash it down to a full stop from a sentence. And then throw it over their shoulder into the burning fire (this is imagined obviously) 

Recheck your body to see if there is still any heaviness, denseness or restriction. Many clients find that it moves within the body, so I get them to repeat the procedure as above.

Once it is on the chair, you ask your subconscious mind if you want to transform it, usually, it is yes. Let’s be honest here who in their right mind would want to carry that fear or any other limiting emotion within the energy field and body. 

Keep repeating this process until you find there is no heaviness or restriction within the body.

Ask your subconscious mind to fill your energy and body with your favourite colour or a happy memory. Allow your subconscious mind to do the work of filling you up down to your toes and fingertips and the top of your head. Outwards to the Etheric template of your aura.

Expand the colour into the room you’re sitting in and feel the happiness within the whole of your energy and emotional field.

If you still feel restricted, just go back and rinse and repeat the steps.

You will feel so much lighter and better about life regardless of how adverse life is. And this step can be done many times, and the more you do it, the stronger it becomes.

I know through working with thousands of people globally that there are so many people that are just too lazy to do the work and believe that someone else can do the work for them. This is not the case, you have to set your intention to let the fear go easily and effectively.

You will feel so enlightened when you do and that is really stepping into your ‘OWN POWER’.

You can get my book from here or any Amazon store within your country. ‘An Empath’s World To Freedom”


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