The Shaman's Way

Discover The Way To Shamanism


The Shaman's Way

Discover The Way To Shamanism










WHY you need it

Ann VarneyDo you feel like you are not enough? 

Ann VarneyDo you feel paralyzed with fear at the thought of never living your best life?” 

Ann VarneyDo you feel anxiety when thinking about how your life is going?

Ann VarneyDo you feel buried or overwhelmed by life itself?

Ann VarneyDo you feel that you are just not the kind of person who will ever have a deep connection to yourself? 

Ann VarneyAre you waiting for something to come save you (knight in shining armour, spirit guides, addictions)? 

Ann VarneyDo you feel guilty for not connecting spiritually consistently?

Ann VarneyHave you felt as though you just don’t come from a background that understands spirituality? Or that deep connection doesn’t happen to someone like you?

Ann VarneyDo you find that you can’t seem to connect all the time to your spiritual badass self?

Ann VarneyDo you feel that you don’t show up for yourself, in fear of being judged by your peers?

Ann VarneyYou know deep inside you is this spiritual badass, but you seem to be afraid of her power?

ME Too…

Well at least I used to feel this way as I used to run away from the spiritual power that was in me. 

So I decided when  I stepped into my spiritual bad ass and said feck it …. I would teach other people what I knew and show them how they can… 


But not only that I would teach this, and teach it well, I had to take it much deeper!

I learnt the different ways of how to connect spiritually from many different cultures around the world, as I travelled to heal myself. from indigenous tribal shamans from Peru, rinponches from Nepal, native Americans in the deep hills of California and so many other places I travelled to, to learn my spiritual prowess!

BOY, did it work!

It sure did, as I relate to, respond to, and continue to develop my spiritual badass teachings to make them even more powerful. 

I now live, eat, breath spiritual badass practices, and bring them to you to delve into your power. The power that has always been there for you to be the best you can be!

What I am here to teach you will revolutionise your life!

WHAT is it

This introductory course will take you on a healing and informative journey through shamanism. Learn about spirits, entities, journeying, lower, middle and upper worlds, dream interpretation, tools of the shaman. Self-healing techniques that you can use at home. 

Foundations of Shamanism

through your spirit guides, power animals and the plant medicine. Which will reveal an innate amount of information to heal the soul and personally develop your spiritual prowess.

You will be taken on a beautiful journey in this internal world of the soul and meet your shamanic guide that is within everyone. Ann simplifies the ancient healing practice of the indigenous culture into the modern-day life, through the use of videos, meditations, step by step instructions that will reveal the awe-inspiring ceremonies based on deep spiritual practices. 

Communication with your spirit animals

will help you regain or enhance your very own power. This will help you release limiting beliefs, overcome unwanted emotions, limiting thought patterns and unhelpful attitudes or habits.

The health benefits of a

Shamanic way of living and healing:

You will be working toward rebuilding your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health. You will be able to think clearer, sleep better, feel better, and feel fewer negative emotions.

This course will allow you to open up to the universal energies that surround everyone, your intuition will expand as you meet your spiritual team of the shamanic world. You will feel more energised and excited about your life plan, feeling more connected to your soul.

Shamanic culture has a meaningful toolbox that you will discover as you prepare fire ceremonies for you and others. This and other techniques will allow you to let go of old wounds and past hurts, where you will fly with a freedom that will transform your world.

Working with the ancient practices you will be filled with guidance, healing and authentic wisdom that will take you home to your powerful soul.

“Shamanism is not a course, but a life’s journey.”

Alberto Villoldo


 £497  Introductory Price £197

Very limited spaces!

WHAT you get…..


Module 1: Shamanism Definition

Ann VarneyHistory and beliefs of the shaman

Ann VarneyWhat are the benefits of shamanic healing

Ann VarneyDifferent types of Shamanism

Ann VarneyWhat does shamanism mean

Ann VarneyHow can shamans heal

Ann VarneyWho is shamanic healing for


Module 2: How to Start the Energy healing process

Ann VarneyWhat does a typical session look like

Ann VarneyWhat is the procedure

Ann VarneyHow to retrieve lost power

Ann VarneyHow often should you see a healer

Ann VarneyWhat are the benefits of shamanic healing


Module 3: What are the shamanic healing methods

Ann VarneyJourneying into the spirit realm

Ann VarneyMeditation can get you connected to your inner shaman

Ann VarneyHow can the shamanic dream help you

Ann VarneyWhat is spirit hacking

Ann VarneyWhat is the definition of Soul Loss

Module 4: Connecting to the spirit world

Ann VarneyConnection to all energy of spirits

Ann VarneyYour very own shaman in the spirit world 

Ann VarneyDelve into the Lower World

Ann VarneyHow the Middle World Can be just like our world

Ann VarneyFly to the Upper World for wisdom

Ann VarneyThe power of power animals

Ann VarneyWhy Plant spirit can help you now

Ann VarneyJourneying into the spirit realm

“When you Want Something, All The Universe Conspires In Helping You To Achieve It.”

 Paulo Coelho


WHO is this for..

This is a self-help course suitable for all levels of awareness, no need to be a healing practitioner or have previous experience in the field of healing arts.

Healers in any modality

(eg. massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, lightworker, holistic therapist etc) will be able to quickly apply and integrate these rituals in your own life and work with them.

 This course is a spiritual course and not a religious course. Which can improve your lifestyle with the power of self-development within education and spiritual practices, and the authenticity of the practices you will follow. 

 Please enrol in the course with an open mind and without prejudice. Students who benefit the most from these Rites are those who reflect upon and APPLY the teachings personally.

Receive Your Spiritual Gifts

To get the most out of this course you will need a good internet connection, a willingness to learn and try new spiritual practices for your own personal development.

You will need about 30 mins per day on average to get through the material, but if you want to add more time to

Advance your personal development

The more you practice the better and stronger you will become in these ancient healing arts. There are no pre-requisites to this course.

No tools or items are needed, but I do discuss the tools of the shaman and why they are essential if you go onto the advanced training. 



HOW it Works…..


Upon enrollment, you will receive a welcome email and be prompted to set up a username and password (or log in if you have trained with me before).

Go to to login and access your content.

(Your login details will also be emailed to you.)

You will get access to the course with a live call on 25th January 2021 and the course will be live with 3 group coaching calls.

You will also get access to the video and content within Ann’s Spiritual Academy. 

 You have all

content and any future updates for life

Each of the 80+ training videos is between 4-15 minutes long. The average video is 7 minutes.

There are a total of 7 hours and 10 minutes of the content included in this course.

Each module has:

Ann Varney Step by step instructions for you to learn shamanism at your pace.

Ann VarneyVideos, audios, PDF’s and workbooks.

Ann VarneyEnergetic principles + spiritual strategies to connect to the inner and outer world.

Ann VarneyLoaded with powerful energy and fresh perspective around shamanism.

Ann VarneyLive calls via zoom at 13.00 BST (These are recorded and placed on the online platform)




“Shamanism is a great mental and emotional adventure, one in which the patient and the shaman-healer are both involved.”   

Michael Harner

£497  Introductory Price £197


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