Soul Retrieval Practitioner

Healing The Fragmented Self 


Soul Retrieval Practitioner


Healing The Fragmented Self




WHY you need it

Ann VarneyDo you feel guilt at knowing you shouldn’t feel this way?

Ann VarneyDo you fear being alone, misunderstood, incompetant?

Ann VarneyDo you lack confidence? 

Ann VarneyDo you wonder why you feel the way you do and what it all means, knowing you have a purpose, but don’t know what it is? 

Ann VarneyDo you feel a loss of motivation, feel like you’re going crazy because you can’t find that true connection to others? 

Ann VarneyDo you feel like everyone is judging you?

Ann VarneyDo you have feelings of not being good enough, or feel like an imposter?

Ann VarneyDo you feel like you are wasting precious time and playing small?

Ann VarneyDo you have money problems, family quarrels, a feeling of being ungrounded in certain situations?

Ann VarneyDo you often get anxious, distracted or disconnected and find it hard to focus?



Here’s the thing:

The soul is a sacred vehicle by which holds our identity, personality, beliefs, and behaviours.

Through doing a certified soul retrieval program, you are able to get you and your clients to just BE in the state where all your and their needs are met!

Live from a passionate heart, tapping into your truth, wisdom and creativity. Sharing your gifts with the world to help and inspire other people.


It’s time to decide that you will live how your soul knows how to.

It’s time to be able to show up with passion in your heart and soul

It’s time to share your passion in helping others create their best life.

It’s time to bring your complete wisdom back into your soul.

It’s time to feel wholesome and powerful again!

Because you decide to now. 


WHAT is it

This advanced course of shamanism helps bring the energy of the soul back into your body, or others. The life force can become fragmented when there is trauma and abuse within a person’s life. All the human experience has a sense of growth, the bigger the growth, sometimes the most painful emotionally and/or physically. When the

Energy of the soul

cannot take this growth, it fragments for the safety and protection of the person to release the extreme pain and suffering. Soul retrieval can bring that part of the soul essence that has fragmented from the body. 

We will explore the cause of soul loss, what happens when the soul part is brought back in person and distantly. You will also learn what happens with near-death experiences, addictions, pain, abuse and trauma. 

You will learn and experience becoming the hollow bone to be excellent in your practice as a

Soul Retrieval Practitioner.

So you can better understand how to bring the soul parts home. As you see the dynamics of unhealthy relationships, why abandonment causes deep issues in the soul, causal accidents and being forced against your will. 

This will help you and your clients heal at a very deep level. It will help them feel at one with their soul, better sleep, more energetic, Feel completely wholesome, with clarity

Deep sense of belonging. 

Certified Soul Retrieval Practitioner program will take you on a beautiful journey of the intricate shamanic healing of the soul retrieval process. You will be taken on awesome guided journeys, where you will step into the power and energy of the soul at the spiritual and energetic levels.

“The Soul Is Greater Than Anything You Have Ever Lost.”

Ann Varney


 £697  Introductory Price £297

Very limited spaces!

WHAT you get…..



Module 1: The Medicine Wheel  

Ann VarneyThe four directions

Ann VarneyThe grounding of Mother Earth

Ann VarneyTree of life attributes

Ann VarneyHow The Sky is a healer

Ann VarneyThe four aspects of life: Spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical

Ann VarneyThe elements of nature

 Module 2: Soul Loss and the Causes

Ann VarneyWhat is soul loss

Ann VarneyWhat causes soul loss

Ann VarneyHow to heal soul loss

Ann VarneyHealing and purification ceremonies

Ann VarneyHow do you know it is soul loss



Module 3: Soul Retrieval Practices

Ann VarneyWhat is soul retrieval therapy

Ann VarneyWhat is power retrieval therapy

Ann VarneyTracking lost souls

Ann VarneyHow is soul retrieval therapy performed

Ann VarneyHow to perceive the soul retrieval for others

Module 4: Integration Of The Soul

Ann VarneyPractices of integration

Ann VarneyRelationship with the soul after integration

Ann Varney30-day soul/power integration

Ann VarneyRejuvenate the heart, body, mind and soul

Ann VarneyTransformation of addictions

Ann VarneyTransformation of finances

Ann VarneySickness prevention

Ann VarneyBoost energy, vitality and emotional stamina

Ann VarneyCreate a shamanic healing circle with the four elements

“The Soul Usually Knows How To Heal Itself, The Challenge Is To Silence The Mind .”



WHO is this for..

This is a self-help course suitable for people who have skills in journeying into the shamanic worlds (If you do not have this ‘The Shaman’s Way’ will teach you this), this is an advanced course of shamanism.

Healer’s in any modality

(eg. shamanic practitioner, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, lightworker, holistic therapist, etc) will be able to quickly apply and integrate these rituals in your own life and work with them. This course is a spiritual course and not a religious course. This course can improve your lifestyle with the power of self-development within education and spiritual practices, and the authenticity of the practices you will follow. 

Everyone has been dealt with trauma or stress within their life, it is part of the human existence, and our growth as humanity. Soul Retrieval Practitioner is your doorway to

Healing those past hurts

to bring the fragmented soul back to you with power. This ancient practice of thousands of years from the shamanic culture is your step to bringing the souls back one by one. For yourself or your community and clients.

Please enrol in the course with an open mind and without prejudice. Students who benefit the most from these rituals are those who reflect upon and APPLY the teachings personally. Set aside time when you will not be distracted to assist you in receiving the spiritual gifts in this course.

To get the most out of this course you will need a good internet connection, a willingness to learn and try new spiritual practices for your own personal development. You will need about 30 mins per day on average to get through the material, but if you want to add more time to advance your personal development that is great. The more you practice the better and stronger you will become in these ancient healing arts. The pre-requisite for this course is ‘Certified Shamanic Practitioner’ by Ann Varney. If you are already a practitioner, this is for you also.


HOW it Works…..


Upon enrollment, you will receive a welcome email and be prompted to set up a username and password (or log in if you have trained with me before).

Go to to login and access your content.

(Your login details will also be emailed to you.)

You will get access to the course with a live call on 25th October 2021 and the course will be live with 4 group weekly coaching calls.

You will also get access to the video and content within Ann’s Spiritual Academy. 

 You have all

content and any future updates for life

Each of the 80+ training videos is between 4-15 minutes long. The average video is 7 minutes.

There are a total of 7 hours and 10 minutes of the content included in this course.

Each module has:

Ann Varney Step by step instructions on soul retrieval practices at your pace.

Ann VarneyVideos, audios, PDF’s and workbooks.

Ann VarneyEnergetic principles + spiritual strategies to connect to the inner and outer world.

Ann VarneyLoaded with powerful energy and fresh perspective around soul retrievals.

Ann VarneyLive calls via zoom at 13.00 BST (These will be recorded and placed on the online platform)

Receive a Soul Retrieval Practitioner Certificate upon completion.




“Follow your soul. It knows the way.”


£697  Introductory Price £297


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