How To Be Seen, Be Authentic, Call in Your Tribe & Get Paid Your Worth!

How to turn your spiritneurship from zero to hero

From Zero To Hero In Your SpiritNeurship Business

How to turn your spiritneurship from zero to hero

This 4-week program changes the lives of heart-based entrepreneurs in a simple but effective way.


Even if you haven’t even started yet, or are frustrated with where you are at! 

For the soul-led individual who wants to be the light within the world to change. 


The person who knows their gift is in teaching others, and removing their limitations, whilst removing their clients. Mastering their purpose and stepping into the power that is their sovereignty. 


Owning who they are and what they are sent here to do and finally…. 

Allowing them self to become available for the magic to happen, which is their sovereignty! 


Owning and implementing the systems for them to be a successful heart-led spiritual entrepreneur.


Do You Feel Like…

Is ‘How To Turn Your SpiritNeurship From Zero To Hero’ Program Right For You?

Stuck at the first base of your entrepreneurship business?

Are you overwhelmed, frustrated, feel fear because you just don’t know what to do, or how to even start?

Been invisible for years, and fear standing out in the online platform will kind of make you feel like you’re naked?

Have this healing energy within you, and it needs to get out to help people, but you just don’t know how?

Your whole life you have felt crazy because you know that something is bigger and real within you, that the world needs to know about. 

Don’t want to be fake, you want to change things on a grand scale, but no idea how to.

Have spent so much money on other courses and they have not delivered what they promised.

Have done all the training you need within your field, and you just don’t know your next step within the online arena.

Want to Wake Up To Payments that Come in While You Sleep?

Desire to Get the Messages You Love to More People?

Have a Speciality, Message, or Knowledge that Could Serve More People?

Desire to Positively Effect the World with Your Voice, Skillset or Gifts?

Love helping others?

I Hear You …

I have felt all of these and more when I started my own online business. 

I felt the frustration, overwhelm, fear of showing the real me to a worldwide audience. Getting clients is so hard when you don’t know how! 

But now it is so easy… 

I didn’t know the difference between a google analytic to a plugin… a pixel, what the!!… 

I thought a pixel was a small wonderland fairy godmother, who would come and help me with setting up the ‘CORRECT’ systems, profitable branding, calling in my soul tribe, lead magnets, landing pages, funnel building, emails, automations, and course creation and so much more…

But how wrong I was, I had to do it the hard way of spending £200,000+ on my business and healing. If only I could have found what I have created for you here. My life would have been so much easier and with no overwhelm, frustration or despair!

I remember sitting at my computer in complete overwhelm, frustration and fear. With tears running down my face shouting ‘It has to be easier than this FFS!’ But it actually is that easy!

 I’m taking all the overwhelm and frustration out as you get the simple effective steps as I share my screen with you, holding your hand as a collective group to embrace the digital world…

Yes! Yes! Yes!  This is how our world is now on the worldwide web and I can show you how!

If this is you ‘How To Turn Your SpiritNeurship From Zero To Hero’ is perfect for you NOW! Let’s get you out into the world so you can let go of overwhelm, frustration and fear. If you think you are the only one who is not seen, or selling or standing out in a noisy online marketplace, it’s just an illusion.


More Successful

Simple and Effective 

Save Your Time

Spiritual Awakening Academy
Spiritual awakening academy

Reality is...

Many six, seven-figure entrepreneurs started feeling just like you too!


They had complex tech issues

Lots of mental blocks that caused them to feel shame and guilt.

Frustrated with the tech side…. I know I used to feel this too. So I know your pain.

Having cash flow issues because they gave away their healings and energy work

Desperate for a good strategy. 

Unsure of how to move forward in their business

Feeling stuck and over complicating things.

Not feeling good enough 


You see everyone around you killing it and so much more successful than you with their

Social media

Getting new clients

Building email lists

Selling their products.

You feel like you’re holding yourself back by making it more complicated than it is. Or you have Imposter Syndrome that is holding you back or is it fear, failure, judgment.

It's So Much Easier Than This...

-Setting up all the tech you need for an online business (even if you have no idea how to do this)

-Create your branding, logos, landing/sales pages, lead magnets, and mini courses

-Showing up on social media like an expert (even if you feel fear, I show you the easy way)

-Automate a big part of your business so you can free up your time

-I even help you with your mindset and energy of the imposter syndrome, overwhelm, fear and frustration. 

How Can I Help You!

My name is Ann… 

I help heart-led soulful entrepreneurs live their best life in the online world and their personal lives.

I’ve worked my butt off trying to find the best way

I’ve been in business for over 2 decades, my first business 2 decades ago earning 6-figures on a shop front business and also this online business from my bedroom/office.

I have a Masters in Psychology and have been a full-time college lecturer whilst having a full-time business

I have many certifications at Master level in Energy healing, clinical hypnotherapy, Shamanism, Egyptian Sekhem/Reiki, Meditation teacher and so many others.

I’ve had the same fear, failure, overwhelm as you do now. I was tired of all the bills I had to pay for staff, products, buildings and everything else that goes with a shop front. 

I was just a single mum of 2 boys, trying to make ends meet and making sure all my staff were paid on time.

But I knew there had to be something better than what I was doing as I felt it was a very shallow business, even though I had won awards of Best Scottish Designer and designed for and travelled the world with International designers. 

I was unfulfilled, burnt-out, a workaholic and passionless!

So I knew there had to be something better than this…

I found my niche and I am happy to say that I work with my soul led clients worldwide and I am so happy that money comes in even when I am sleeping!

I am going to show you how…

What My Lovely Students Have To Say...

success stories

First.... The 'Pre-Course' to release the Overwhelm

Get you prepared for success!

Before we start I will help you set up your program so you know what to expect. Where you need to keep all your information, so you do not have tech overload. I have created templates that are easily accessible with all your bonuses, so you can learn and familiarise yourself with the course program. 



Trello boards created for all you need in this program

All you need for the course checklist and bonuses

Canva – tutorial handouts

How to set up a lead magnet workbook

Branding workbook


Module 1: Setting Up Your Systems

 I am going to teach you how to set those systems up in the right way and with ease. You will learn how to navigate simply and effectively the backend of a wordpress website, how to take digital payments, attract global soul-led clients, use google for your business, and how to set up your course platform. 


At the end of this module you will feel accomplished and proud of yourself as you know that you have the correct systems in place. I have left no stone unturned. Everything that I use for a global business.


You will learn that it’s a lot easier than you think:

How to know your integral digital systems that every entrepreneur needs to be successful?

How to become an expert by attracting your soul clients with ease?

How to get paid with ease?

How do your global dream clients find you without you feeling the frustration or overwhelm?

Mindset exercises that actually work to release the fear of ‘breaking anything’


Module 2: Brand Like A Boss, Be Social Media Royalty

You will learn a great deal within this module as you get your branding just right, with your identity, colours, logo, and social media. 


You will also know how to attract your soul clients the right way and infuse your personality into your promotional content. And how to niche the most profitable and soul inspired for your clients. Here is how to brand your work in such a way that it’s authentic to you whilst attracting your ideal clients to you.


I will show you how to be aligned with your content and different ways to get it out there for your healing clients. It’s so much simpler than you think.

You will release the Overwhelm and fear:

How To Brand Like A Boss  and Be The Social Media Royalty Workbook

Simplified process to design your logo and branding (even if you have no design skills)

Step by step instructional videos of how to brand your logos etc and be the brand royalty

Mindset practices to release the fear and frustration

How I use Facebook lives, email sequences, Facebook groups and my personal Facebook group pages! This is a massive part of my business.

Module 3: Funnel Build To Profit and Automate

How to turn your spiritneurship from zero to hero

In this module I teach you how to design and set up your lead magnets, landing pages, emails and automations so you only have to do it once. 


I will show you step by step the sequences I do for my landing pages and how simple it can be. Instead of taking weeks or even months in some cases, it will only be a matter of hours with this simple formula. 


I show you how to get your sales page talking to your payment buttons so that your payment buttons trigger your appointments, emails, and  course content which will be in module 4 to be delivered automatically. The back-end of automating your business is so important. This allows you to sell to your soul-led clients, your courses and deliver content without doing anything. Simple and effective strategies for tech even if you don’t know how, I show you the simple way!


Simple copy and paste formats:

How To Funnel Build To Profit and Automate Like a SpiritNeurship Boss

Copy and Paste appointment pages for any niche

Step by step videos for funnels and automations

Copy and paste campaigns


Module 4: Build Your Money-making mini course

How to turn your spiritneurship from zero to hero

This module will teach you how to build a mini course which you can then have the foundations to build your high ticket course that will sell. You will look at your keywords, what your competitors are doing. 


Creating the best titles, videos and tech whilst you are creating your organic traffic to your business. Whilst launching on your social media platforms, remember you don’t need thousands of followers to get money flowing into your business. 


How to market your course online. I share my practical and energetic steps for enrolling students into my courses. How to utilise social media, and your email list to get your course out there. (letting go of the overwhelm…) PLUS: My process for setting goals and holding the vision from my energetic soul  for my course. 


What I do when it looks like my course isn’t selling. This is how I squash limiting beliefs and stay connected to my goal to bring in my desired outcome.


Let’s clear up the mindset that says getting your work into the world by selling your offer is wrong/evil/greedy/salesy, once and for all. Selling is of high service, when you know your work changes lives.


Living your soul purpose and mission:

How To Build Your Money-making Mini Course Workbook

Step by step instructional videos for every step of the way.

Connection to your soul purpose to get your message to the world

Copy and paste social media posts

Course content checklists

Sales templates


Wait…. You also get these bonuses

I get that you need all your time for family, friends and socialising like the ‘social bee’ that you are, (Well some of you do!)

So I have taken all the overwhelm and frustration out of the tech that really had me in tears at times, as I know what I wanted to create, but just didn’t have the know how! 

So I have designed step by step and short-cuts for you within your design studio, as everyone needs to have a design studio if they want to produce amazing visual content. This step by step Canva instructions where I literally hold your hand as you create your own visual content to the masses!

What was so time-consuming for me was automating my email campaigns, I was completely scratching my head what to write. So I have created copy and paste templates of welcome, nurture, sales, opt-in, product launch, upsells, order bump and abandon cart templates that have different copies that will help any niche.

Finally, you will have one month free to give you time to create and set up and sell your mini course to your global clients on automate, so you have cash whilst you sleep.



Plus A Heart-led interactive Private Facebook Group

During your 4-week group coaching you are going to have questions, ideas and issues that you will need help with on your journey as a SpiritNeur. 

Your fellow SpiritNeurs will help each other as well as my direct coaching every day within the group. 

Here are 3 different packages that you get to choose from. 

Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss…

How to turn your spiritneurship from zero to hero

Just Go For It…

Can You Imagine The Excitement as You Have Finally Decided To Step Into Your Power As A BadAss Online Spiritual  Entrepreneur


Just imagine for a moment, that you are now in the space of taking action, Finally… Hallelujah your soul is shouting from the rooftops. You’ve stepped over that fear of showing up!  I will give you the tools that I have used and have made me a successful online entrepreneur.



All your frustrations, overwhelm, chaos and financial issues are finally a thing of the past! Money will just flow to you if you follow the plan and the systems so you are elated by your soul clients shouting from the rooftops about your products and healing. 


Those mental, emotional, spiritual blocks will no longer be in your vibrational field as you release the frustration, shame, guilt, and fear of judgement as I hold your hand. Whilst you create a world class business at your pace. 


You will feel secure and safe as you step out of your comfort zone, so you feel pretty damn proud of yourself, and know you are good enough to create, and maintain a healthy SpiritNeurship business. You will release the stress of internalising those inner demons!! I know as I have been there!!


You will look back and will help other people get their ‘head out of the sand’, just like you, stopping you claiming what is rightfully yours. A very successful World Class Online Business with your own unique branding. 


You will no longer feel guilty and give away your time and products for FREE, unless you have a FREEBIE opt-in to collect your emails to build your brand and business to 6 or 7 figure status. 


Working for someone else will be a thing of the past as you in time will be the employer and I show you how when you are ready! Even if you don’t know how. This program will teach you in a simple and easy format that you understand.

Just imagine …

Your client calls you to tell you about their wins that you have helped them achieve. You are finally charging your worth and feel good about it. People seeking you out to work with them. 

I need this. 

It’s necessary. It’s oxygen, it’s blood,  it’s life

Its because so many people out there have all these issues and I know I can help them. 

I give you the direction on just getting started, but you’ve got to take action NOW!

You’ve got the heart. You’ve got the energy. You’ve got the healing modalities. But you just do not know how to bring it all together.

I will show you how…


Yes, Delux and Business Pro Program members can enter a payment plan.  There is NOT a payment plan option for the Classic package. Contact me on if you’d like to enter a payment plan. 

SpiritNeurship only runs a few times a year. 

The 2021 dates are:

  • May 2021
  • October 2021

This is the course I wish I had when I started on my online business, hence why I made this program.

To help non-techie people learn how to do techie stuff. Also, people who have a slight awareness of the tech, to enhance their skills to success.

I take you through step-by-step (follow along and click with me) training to get your tech set up and running.

I am passionate about helping you with kindness, patience and compassion. Helping you to go from frustration, overwhelm and fear to Confidence and competence. So you get past the fear of ‘not being good enough and breaking stuff.  

In 4 weeks you will feel like a tech goddess!


If you feel that you would rather I set all the tech up for you, I do the Business Pro Program where I set up the entire tech for you. 

Tune into your heart and just breathe and ask yourself, what does my soul need to do to get my soul-led business to the masses?

Knowing how to not only create but to get those dream clients aligned and paying you.


To have an ASSET in your business that generates income for you forever?

What kind of cost would you think a very experienced entrepreneur of 20+years and a former lecturer to hundreds of students walks you through step by step creation of where you are at in your business, even if you haven’t started yet. I show you the tech and systems and how to get your dream clients.


Thousands of pounds?

Tens of thousands of pounds?

No way.





So you can join us for just £297 on the Classic Program.

I also have a Delux program at £997 or a Business Pro program £2497 (Where I set all your tech systems up for you)


Although the group intake only comes around a few times a year, you can join it TODAY, access ALL of the training content in the portal, and the secret Facebook group – and then join the group next time in runs.  The best bit is that your ‘times access’ (depending on your package) will only start when the next intake does.  Therefore, the earlier you join, the more time you get inside!


Reason for this is, in the past people have binge watched all of my programs within a short time and then asked for refund. So please be aware of this!

This program is 4 weeks long. 

You will need to put aside between 4-6 hours a week to get the best results from this program (which is probably less time than you spend on social media!)

You can watch the tutorial videos at whatever pace you wish as all of the content is available to you from the day you purchase the program for the full duration of your package.  (Your package ‘timer’ doesn’t start until the first day of the next group program – even if you join weeks before!).

There is a live group call with me on Zoom once each week for the 4 weeks of the group program.

These usually run on Monday, 1pm BST.

Your questions are collected the day before the call and all are answered.

This is an international group of learners, so all calls are recorded and uploaded to the portal within 24 hours, so those in different time zones or with other commitments at the call time can watch the call at a convenient time for them.

When you log in to this course, there is a lesson inside your portal detailing the exact dates, times and links for your live calls.

All group call recordings are added to your portal to watch at your convenience if you cannot make them live. 

This program is for people either just starting out or who have a business but want to know the tech siide of a soul-led business.


Where they are walked step by step through the process’s that are needed to make a successful business.