No B.S. Spirituality

Other Books by Ann Varney

An Empath's World To Freedom

In An Empath’s World To Freedom you will be taken on an honest journey of Ann Varney and many other empath’s to true enlightenment.

Releasing anxiety, fear, depression, limiting belief, negative mindsets, and energy blockages.

This life-transforming book shows how you can step out of your fear, ground and protect your energy, whilst, embracing your soul purpose.

Deep cleansing of the energetic field and many simple tools to transform the energetic consciousness that surrounds you.

Empowering and mastering a new perspective that will transform and alleviate your energetic vibration, aligning you with your true potential and power of being.

How To Become A Superhero

Marshal and his friend Tracey takes your child on a journey of self discovery. helping them stand in their power and releasing anxiety, anger, stress and low self-esteem. 

A story of how friends help each other with 10 steps to becoming a superhero. Transforming negative emotions in a fun way with the use of EFT to release negative energy.

No B.S. Spirituality


Life can be an emotional rollercoaster. This book is for anyone who’s ever felt like they were riding the waves, with their life tossed about by external forces or internal turmoil and questioning what might happen next in this never-ending story of ours called ‘life’.


At some point, everyone faces challenges that seem insurmountable—crises so deep they feel spiritual rather than physical; moments, where you’re at your lowest ebb yet, don’t know how to get back up again because nothing has occurred which suggests there will ever be light.

In this day and age, many people are feeling spiritually lost. They search for a way to reconnect with their roots while also attempting to avoid judgment from others around them that may label them as “too weak” or delinquent in some fashion – which is crazy!


We’re all going through something tough right now but if you learn how these negative emotions work then maybe there’s hope on the horizon because fear can be defeated when one understands where it comes from.


The fear of judgment can have a negative effect on your spirituality.  It is important to remember that the only person who will ever know how you feel about something, or what was going through your mind when things happen in life, is YOU!


It’s time to stop feeling like a victim and become the master of your own mind. Your intuition is an important tool, but you need more than just that if you want to take back control in life again!


It’s important to have a healthy sense of spirituality. We all have the ability and power within us, but sometimes we need help from others who can provide that connection with ourselves or our inner voice so you know what is right for your life!


What could be more empowering than living by your own damn code? Upgrade yourself with the power of faith. You are indeed a magician when you realise how much control YOU actually have in life–not just over what happens externally but also internally as well because we’re talking about YOU!