Who is Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce is a well-known psychic, healer and mystic. Born in 1877, he went into trance to diagnose people’s health problems and provide prescriptions for cures.


He used his powers to help thousands of people around the world until he died in 1945.

He helped many women with menopause using his spirituality.


He has helped find lost articles, solve crimes by sending police on ‘psychic hunts’ and even predict the future – with astonishing accuracy!


Edgar was also an accomplished artist who worked as a draftsman before becoming a full-time psychic.


His work has been exhibited at museums across America, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Menopause according to Edgar Cayce

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Spirituality and menopause, the Edgar Cayce way?

Menopause is a natural process in every woman’s life. It can be a confusing and difficult time for some women, but it doesn’t have to be!


Edgar Cayce, the father of holistic medicine believes that menopause should not only be accepted but embraced.


In this blog post I will discuss how the mind-body connection works as well as different ways you can help alleviate symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings during your menopausal journey and what Edgar Cayce believes about menopause.

What are the Physiological Considerations?

It is well known and understood that some women have a “change of life” without problems.


For other women, they have menopause when they are in their 40s or 50s.


During menopause, the woman’s body starts to make less estrogen because they are no longer able to become pregnant.


Menopause causes changes in the body, but not many people know what it is.

Surgical menopause happens when a woman has her ovaries and uterus removed.


It can happen at any age, but it is more sudden and has a bigger effect if it happens then.


The symptoms can be many, so some people think that they are in their head because they cannot find the problem in their body.


But doctors know better than this, because they see what is going on with the body as a whole — its unity, coordination or lack of it, and how function comes about through the nervous system, glandular influences or other things.


Sometimes people think that the problems are caused by the woman’s mind, so they send her to see a psychologist or psychiatrist.


But doctors who understand how the body works see that it is not like that. The problems come from surgery on the ovaries or uterus which removes hormones from women’s bodies which make them feel normal again (or healthy).

Are the symptoms the same today with menopause?

The symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, constipation, general aches and pains.


The readings mention that the human being is a body, mind and spirit. So it makes sense that they talk about the relationships among these things.


The readings suggested that the troubles she was experiencing were related to the organs of her pelvis and those of her body’s elimination system. In most cases studied, there was an imbalance between her own autonomic and cerebrospinal systems.


The organs in the pelvis are responsible for producing estrogen, so when they are out of balance it can cause problems with glandular dysfunction.

Hypochondria was a problem, but this was not an unrelated condition. It was related to circumstances that were happening inside the body when under the influence of menopausal changes.


These brought about an “indeterminate reaction of impulse between the two systems.” This means that there is an impulse going on inside your body, and it can’t be controlled by one system – like your nervous system or brain – because it is going back and forth between them.


When this happens, you might react differently than usual and have different thoughts.

His psychic readings about the menopause

The readings had this to say about the glands and their activity:


“... the glandular forces make for disturbing activities at times, but keeping the mental and physical balance as has been outlined, with the adjustments, the activities in the physical and mental fields, the glands respond.For the glands are that through which the relationships are kept established as it were between the spiritual body and the mental body.”


Do you wonder why women go through their change differently? All of the symptoms have an origin and most of the underlying struggles can be dealt with.

Rationale of Therapy

One needs to show attention to the ongoing process in the body. It is also important to recognize that every woman has her own set of physiological imbalances.


The process in the menopausal woman is an adjustment to the decrease of female hormones.


The woman’s body may already be disturbed by a variety of other problems, or it can happen to a healthy girl. In both cases, this adjustment is different and may explain why some women have little change while others have many problems.


The six suggestions in the readings for different women were grouped into categories. The specifics for each woman depended on what they needed help with.

General Care of the Body in menopause

Adequate rest, diet and exercise all 3 therapies were suggested when deficiency was apparent.


One woman was instructed to spend six-eight weeks relaxing and resting in Clearwater, Florida, for a couple hours each morning and afternoon when she wasn’t receiving massages or shortwave therapy that would relieve her headaches as well as hot flashes, irregular heart beats and feelings of numbness.


Another, was told needed more balance and rest. Not to have overactivity and over stimulation of the body, especially in reproduction.

Rest is often highly important when you are in menopause

A diet oriented towards alkaline-reacting foods was most frequently recommended for menopause and should be followed if possible to help alleviate symptoms of the condition, as well as a plethora of other benefits from higher levels of energy production in cells due to improved pH balance among others.

What should the diet be?

No fats, no fried food and rare beef were given instructions by one doctor when treating an individual who had undergone complete hysterectomy with ovaries removed at age 38 years old.


When a woman suffers from stomach issues, many people recommend eating foods that are rich in fiber such as oranges and apples.


The diet of this particular patient was designed to cleanse her digestive system through juice for five days with one day off between each segment before beginning again or she could eat grapes for four days.


This would help cleanse the system from impurities preventing gas formations.

Cleansing After Food

After cleansing your diet, half a teacup of olive oil is suggested to be taken.


One must take caution if they have gallbladder problems because this amount can cause surgical emergencies and force stones down into the bile or common ducts. Lesser amounts are recommended for most instances in which such cleanses happen.


Menopause is a difficult stage in life that often leaves women feeling drained.


It’s important to take care of the body and mind during this time by exercising, eating well, resting when needed, and making sure you don’t get too stressed out over little things or multitask.

Working with the Structural Portions of the Body

Grouped under this heading are osteopathic treatments, chiropractic adjustments, massages, electric vibrator treatments and hot packs on the back.


All of these therapies work to relax or adjust muscle tension in your spine which can lead to a more balanced function throughout the body.


Primarily for menopausal women who have concerns with their ovaries/uterus/thyroid functions.


The circulatory system, the nervous system, and all of your glands will feel as though they were just brought back to life when you correct misalignments in the spine.


You can feel better, live healthier with fewer aches and pains while working toward a more optimal life-style balance – all without drugs or surgery!


The following extract tells the story of what goes on with manipulation, massage, etc. and the importance of these therapies.


We should stimulate other glands that have not been stimulated too.


This stimulation occurs from the center that stimulates them. It is important to understand that it is not just this particular gland (or a segment) that needs to be corrected but all parts of the body too!


The sympathetic system is connected to the cerebrospinal system. There are tiny bursae in each of these centers, or segments.


The bursae (a small sac of fluid between tendon and bone) can become congested and slow down impulses for an organ or gland in the body when they connect with these other parts of the body.


Every part of the body is influenced by suggestion, mentally and by its environment. A reaction may be caused internally to the organs of the body, by injecting properties or foods or through activities.


By touching these parts with your hands, you keep a balance between the sympathetic and cerebrospinal systems.


With the adjustments that are made in this way and manner, we will find not only helpful influences but healing and an aid to any condition that may exist in the body-unless there is a broken bone or the like!

heart, energy field, energy

Influencing the Energy within the Body

In the readings, it was said that treatments to the body’s structural portions have an influence on the neurological system and thus on this part of the body’s electrical system.


It was also said in the readings that there is a flow of energy in your body in a figure eight pattern and it crosses at your umbilicus which is where radiation therapy works.


It should be noted here that this device theoretically functions by taking electrical charges too numerous in your body and moving them to other areas.


One person used the appliance on their back and in front of their pubic bone. They used it daily for a month or when they had their period, and then took a break.


In this case, the violet ray was recommended for use on the spine at night before sleeping to help relieve tension and make your body better.


She had severe difficulties in her menopause. This affected her pineal gland and caused periods of near mental blackout.


For the hot and cold flashes, cold feet, and general irritation, a person was to take an Epsom salts bath.


Then they were to have their whole body rubbed down with oils. They also had to use the violet rays on their head and spine. When they need relief from these symptoms again, they should walk or ride in the open air.


And it is important that when you are around other people, you be kind and pleasant to them too.

Treatments for menopause

It is always good to treat the body where the problem is. The helpfulness of this may have to do with the consciousness that lies within each cell, atom of the body.


These cells might need comfort and want to know they are being cared for and recognized because they have problems.


For some reason, local therapy always helps, but you should make sure you know what it is about before doing it.


In menopause (age when a woman stops having periods), there can be a lot of pain in your vagina area so sitz baths (relieving pain by sitting in warm water) can help increase blood circulation there.


Atomidine douches were sometimes used to help women with problems of the pelvis.


This was often recommended when there were changes in the system that signaled early menopause. A woman was given directions for these douches: first, a teaspoonful to a quart and a half of water, then later on, when she had reached menopause, also Glyco-Thymoline douches; one tablespoon and one half per quart of water.


One woman was told to use a violet ray with a vaginal applicator. Massage, and osteopathic treatment can also be classified as local therapy, even though it brings about a different type of response.


Of all the medicines used for menopause, oral and intramuscular injections of hormones probably rate as number one.


The readings recommended them frequently. Atomidine, taken orally, was nearly standard therapy, for it is intended to normalise the function of the glandular structures in the body.


Calcios — a calcium product — was often added to the regimen. During those years when the readings were given, Tonicine was suggested as a hormone additive to be taken orally; it contained extracts from the ovary and thyroid.


Other medications were seldom suggested.

monk, temple, meditation

Constructive Use of the Mind

Your mind needs to be kept in a positive phase. The reality of the human being as a body, mind, and spirit is constantly reaffirmed in these readings.


To one woman Cayce had this to say: “Do these; keeping the body mentally constructive. That is, as the very nature of the mental influences of the body would be as constructive forces, know that their application does not consist of formulas or ritual but just being kind, gentle, patient with those that torment you.”


This is magnifying those influences that keep a person’s mental state balanced with their physical and spiritual selves.

Suggested Therapeutic Regimen

You cannot see inside people’s bodies to know what is wrong. So you must rely on a general approach.


You should always try to balance the nerve supply, circulation, hormonal system, and body structure. And you should pay attention to the attitudes, emotions, and beliefs of the person.


A general therapy program for someone like this would be the following. It may help no matter how serious the condition is:


  • A diet without fried foods, fats, white sugar and flour, only occasional beef. Protein such as chicken or fish. Lots of salads with fruit and vegetables.
  • Adequate eliminations
  • Rest is good too.
  • Osteopathic manipulations help the body to heal itself if you cannot get a massage or the violet ray machine that we need to use sometimes for this.
  • Atomidine can be taken every week in cycles – one week on the medicine and one week off it so it’s easier on your body.
  • You should use Glyco-Thymoline douches every day for a few months – they are easy to make at home by mixing 1 teaspoonful of Glyco-Thymoline into a quart (or 1 litre) of water then pouring that mixture.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Meditate every day and try to carry out the fruits of the spirit every day.


In all likelihood, the people who Cayce gave readings to had different conditions as just about anyone else. But there are enough similarities in their symptoms that a regimen like the one above might help them.


Other treatments that Cayce suggested earlier might be added if they are applicable to these people.


Menopause is a time when a woman’s body changes. It can be met with peace, if the body is working right.


Life should still be enjoyed every day because it helps you smile and sing. But sometimes your body needs attention and your attitudes need to change too.

[Note: The preceding overview was excerpted from the Physician’s Reference Notebook, Copyright © 1968 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.]

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