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Other Books By Ann Varney

Daily Habits Manifestation Journal

To live by your own damn code, I have created a journal that will install the daily habits that will help you achieve your biggest manifestations faster and with great speed. 

This journal will help you create your daily action steps, affirmations, what you want to manifest, 10 things to be grateful for, and where is your energy vibration. Is it a high vibe or depleted? You need to know this to manifest at a high level. 

This will empower and master where you put your focus on a daily basis. 

Get ready for a powerful life, once you set these daily habits!

Manifestation Gratitude Journal

This journal will help you focus on what matters to manifest in your life at lightning speed.


Manifesting is like magic. You have the power to shape your world with just a few words


A daily gratitude practice and knowing where energy levels are, can lead to success. Knowing how they affect our thoughts or actions steps towards achieving goals quickly!

An Empath's World To Freedom

In An Empath’s World To Freedom you will be taken on an honest journey of Ann Varney and many other empath’s to true enlightenment.

Releasing anxiety, fear, depression, limiting belief, negative mindsets, and energy blockages.

This life-transforming book shows how you can step out of your fear, ground and protect your energy, whilst, embracing your soul purpose.

Deep cleansing of the energetic field and many simple tools to transform the energetic consciousness that surrounds you.

Empowering and mastering a new perspective that will transform and alleviate your energetic vibration, aligning you with your true potential and power of being.

How To Become A Superhero

Marshal and his friend Tracey takes your child on a journey of self discovery. helping them stand in their power and releasing anxiety, anger, stress and low self-esteem. 

A story of how friends help each other with 10 steps to becoming a superhero. Transforming negative emotions in a fun way with the use of EFT to release negative energy.