What are the akashic records? Are you allowed into the akashic records? Can Starseeds Access the akashic records?

By Ann Varney 

Out of 7 planes of states of consciousness, only the 3 upper planes can be considered akashic, corresponding to Atma, Buddhi and Higher Manas.

First, I would like to point out that the term “akashic records” is not technically speaking correctly.


Nothing is fixed in this universe, everything is changing all the time.


Above all time is subjective and flows faster in a spiral down here in lower dimensions, while in higher dimensions it flows extremely slow compared to ours, and in the soul realms it doesn’t exist at all actually;


Therefore, there is no fixed place or energetic structure that can hold information like the akashic records, like in a library somewhere. There is nothing stagnant in Creation, everything is in permanent change, this is the 4th law of Creation.


What happens is that all events in all worlds and dimensions happen in parallel, and there are some gifted souls that can connect to the flow of events in the “past” or “future” that actually happen in parallel with us…

Visual Imagery

First allow me to say that I had read about people visiting their “library” and then in the deep hypnosis cases I’ve facilitated, people sometimes go for a “visit.”


Every person describes a different place – some see books, some see elaborate books, some see microfiche (“Hacking the Afterlife”) some see scrolls, some see “golden cups”, some see video monitors that they can step into (“It’s a Wonderful Afterlife”)…


Some say it’s just a consciousness energy that surrounds the energy fieldsuffice to say I’ve never seen any two examples that match.

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Are You allowed in the akashic records...

That doesn’t mean the library does not exist – it means that the experience of the library, is like the experience of a rainbow – depending upon your perspective (journey/path)


Your visit to the library will be different from the next person’s.


Further, there’s nothing a person can examine in the library that they are not allowed to examine – they can’t “screw up their path” for example, but “seeing how the play ends.”

In my own personal between-life sessions, I visited a “classroom” where students were learning how to “clean the fractals” or “clean these geometric shapes” because during a lifetime they may “pick up gunk” and they need to be cleaned.


I was in a classroom with a bevvy of young students who were in the process of learning how to do just that.

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Sacred Geometry

If one looks up “sacred geometry” they’ll see the kind of fractals or geometric shapes these people have reported seeing while “under deep hypnosis.”


But some people see them without hypnosis – sometimes as a “light” or some other physical object. 

What I’m hearing – and revealing here for the first time – is that the “books” that we see are called books because they have “all of the information from a previous lifetime” – the fractals carry slices or “packets of time” that a person can access.


When they talk about “future lives” they are discussing “likely outcomes” – not actual events, because the future hasn’t happened.


But some people can “see above the rest” into the distance as if standing in a tall tower.


That doesn’t mean those events will occur – but they are “getting an indication” that they probably will occur. However, because of free will, they often don’t.

Akashic 'Library'

But the “akashic library” is more of a fractal library – those fractals travel with us for every existence we choose, and they retain all the information we’ve put there – from all our lifetimes.


As noted previously, we reportedly plan those lifetimes with the help of our friends, family and teachers – but the events are stored so that we can access them when we need to.

Do you speak hologram?

fractal, stars, universe-764928.jpg

That is a short way to answer a longer question but gives a clue as to how one might engage with the Akashic record.

The problem is that, like a hologram, the Akashic record enfolds multiple layers of meaning.

A hologram might be considered a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-dimensional event.

Each added dimension enfolds another “layer” or “axis” of meaning to an event.

Think of a line, then a piece of graph paper, then a “curved space” or “wireframe” diagram.

Each of these dimensions adds a layer of information to the event, and when reconstructed in your mind it becomes a meaning.

Now add colour to the wireframe, and then, but the whole assemblage into motion- complex motion, with spins and leaps- now you’ve added additional information and meaning.

Akashic record stores meanings.

When we look at a hologram, we use a laser or other coherent imaging technique to “translate” the higher-dimensional information encoded there into something that we can access:


Similarly, to access the Akashic record one needs a “universal translator” to unfold the higher-dimensioned information into something we can understand and use. (The Akasha speaks 128-bit words, but we have an 8-bit mind).


Luckily, we have such a “translator” in our High Self (Guardian angel, the voice of Spirit or Guidance, the “still, small voice within,”etc.). Learning to connect with this aspect of our personality is a huge leap forward in accessing all kinds of information that can aid one in their spiritual pursuits and life in general. 

Set Your Intention

One easy technique is to simply write your question down, quiet your mind, and ask within. One might then receive an image or phrase in one’s mind or a “flash” of inspiration.


Write this down too, for it may be “information-dense” and you may need some time (or other tools) to “unpack” it successfully. But knowing that it can be done is half the battle!


And then, accepting that you don’t always get what you want…but you get what You need…is the other half.

Are you a starseed?

Starseeds can see the Library very differently – depending on their own star race and methods of storing and accessing information.

Young people also can see computers and not books or scrolls. And some advanced souls do not need any tangible “props” and get all the information from the Light directly.

Reasons To Access the Akashic Records

A trained reader reads Your Akashic records based on Your birth details.

You can read your own records in my spiritual program Spiritual Abundance Creator 

Your soul shows stuff that it is ready to clear. Our blocks and restrictions are like an onion. We have to keep peeling off one layer after another.

Everyone’s Akashic records exist in 5D. But not every soul wants to be read. We always ask the soul, before the proceeding.

Your patterns will resonate with you 100%. We help you detach from the karmic bonds of negative patterns that are still running in your life and running you.

Your gifts and your purpose in life will resonate with you, unless you are not aligned, in which case, the sooner you align the better it is for your gifts to shine and for you to enjoy your divine self in a human form

If you have been practising Spirituality, you can rise up to 5d to access the Akashic records with accuracy.

5 Ways to achieve accessing the akashic records

  1. Start by practising general meditation – this is important because it will let you have your own vivid experiences and you will not feel uncomfortable or that the Akashic Record session is “unusual” and ruin your experience.


  1. Practice guided meditation regularly, which lasts at least 15–20 minutes, so you can get accustomed to not falling asleep and staying present.


  1. Then take at least one session with a hypnotherapist or spiritual teacher. It could be for the purpose of past life regression, or inner child healing. But a hypnotherapist has some tricks that they use to rapidly move you into a trance, which is faster than guided meditation. You can learn these.


  1. Next is to start forming your questions – what do you want to understand from the records?


  1. When you are able to do the above, you can try using a Music Meditation to get into a hypnosis state, and then ask the questions when you have reached that stage. It is important to understand that if you’re not being shown the answer to something, do not force or push it. It simply means this is not for you to know.

Please know that you can only access your own records. You can not access another person’s records without their consent.

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