What Can The Archangels Do For You

Who Are The Archangels.

by Ann Varney

What Can The Archangels Do For You

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When working with the Archangels, I often get asked the questions 

Who are they? 

How can you work with them? 

How can you help? “ 

How can they help you in your life and when can you call on them? 


Whilst helping people all over the world to get back into their spiritual self and help them to eliminate their limiting beliefs, emotions, behaviors, the Archangels are standing by, ready to help. 


Anyone and everyone can call upon the Angels.  

People always think you have to be spiritual to call in the angels. It doesn’t matter if you’re spiritual or not.  

There’ll be times in your life when you feel very low.  

Someone close to you has maybe died. You then feel as if you’re going down a deep slump of depression, anxiety, or you have theworry hat on and you just feel that you need that extra support and guidance. 

The angels can really help you shift that vibration whilst taking you out of that feeling of despair, of grief, especially the pain of grief. 

You can ask the Angels to come in and take that pain away. 


  • Who are the Archangels?  
  • How can you work with them?  
  • How can they help you in life and when to call on them 


Angels can help you with anything in your life.  

Firstly, all we need to remember is to make sure we ASK for their help. 

Shamanic Journey

The Angels are really here to help you to elevate your consciousness on your spiritual journey.  

They can heal hearts from jealousy, the pain of grief, and they can really even help you find lost objects. They can even help you find love. If you are ready for a relationship, they can help you find the right person. They can help you get a job or help you heal after an accident. 


A true story was when I really connected to spirit and my angels after I had broken my foot very badly. In hindsight it was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me.  

I do believe the angels handled that situation totally, because I was actually heading towards a heart attack. I was trying to kill myself with the lifestyle I was leading. 


We always get slowed down by things like a broken foot. 

I then actually asked the angels to come in with the light and it was like they had a white torch and you could actually feel the vibration of the light going into the broken foot, because doctors told me I would need to get my foot operated on, that was how badly it was damaged. 


They said it was, it was to the point where it was like somebody came off of a motorbike, eighty miles an hour, or fell off the roof of a tall building. I was determined that I was not having the operation done. 

I didn’t have the time for further recovery after an operation.  

I also had a business to run and there was just no way out. 


So what I did every single morning was I had asked the Angels to come in and heal it.  

What happened was that the plaster came off a lot quicker than everyone expected and the fractures had healed much faster than even I expected. It was unbelievable.  

So much so that even I was in shock. 


The Archangels can really help you to come in if you have disease in your body.  

You simply call on Archangel Michael to bring in his light. There are so many things the Angels can do for you. We are just touching on a few. 


They can protect your home. Sometimes when people, especially when there is spiritual attachments, like sleep paralysis, you can actually ask the Archangels to go to the four corners of your home and protect the home so that nothing can get in. 


The angels will protect the four corners of the land for you. They can protect your family and your loved ones. When your loved ones or family are in danger, you will call on your Angels for protection. 


The Angels can also help you forgive yourself, and help you to forgive other people.  

Remember, when you forgive, it doesn’t mean to say what others did, was right. It means you are releasing yourself. 


The Angels can even help you grow spiritually. They can help you ascend into the spiritual vibration that you need to help you find joy in your life. They can really help you find your dream life. 


We know there’s a hierarchy with the Angels. They can attend the politics, military Wars and also trade between countries. There are so many things that they can do and there’s seven principle Archangels, and they are all very powerful. 


You would tend to have your favorites as you start working with them.  

I’ve worked with them all, and all their energies. The ones that I tend to always go with, is probably Archangel Michael and Raphael. They’re the ones I use for healing.  

Michael, I also use for protection. They have lots of responsibilities and associations that may sometimes overlap. One Angel is not only responsible for one specific area. 


Don’t ever think they are too busy. It is all simply about energy and they are simply standing by waiting for us to call on them.  



Michael is the one closest to God, Source, whatever you believe your highest source.  

He is the protector of all of them at war.  

Michael means “He who is like God”.  

He is the protector of us and our belongings. He is the warrior in heaven and he will fight for you.  

If you’re actually going through a divorce or a lawsuit, if you’ve got a broken heart, and trouble with relationships, call on Archangel Michael to help you with that. 

He really is the protector of Innocence. He protects through his courage and strength. 

We will know when we have Archangel Michael in our presence, because he really defends the truth, and also or protects you from most fears.  

He helps you achieve your goals and your ambitions. Whenever you have a goal and you would be thinking it is too big for you, call on Michael. 

 It is really that simple. He is also in his authority, the angel of justice. He upholds the law. 


Michael will support if you are in leadership, if you’re a manager and you employ people. 

He will actually help you with that position.  

He really supports the troops in war and the fighters, the military and the men and the woman in the trenches. 

He also can help you with more motivation or if you have a lack of incentive when you procrastinate. 


Archangel Michael is there to sort out loads of things for you.  

He also brings your patience and perseverance.  

He helps you through so many things.  

Michael helps you with protection, courage, strength and truth. 


He is really a beautiful energy to have around.  

He is also good for doing charitable things as well. If you need your time freed up Michael, he will help. 


Whenever you have energy vampires around you and you just feel you are getting the energy sucked out of you, who drain you totally, call on Michael.  

He will then use his shield to protect your solar plexus and sacral chakra. 

Some of my students can’t believe how negative people who are giving you a hard time, can then simply walk away from you after you have Michaels’ protection around you.  It really shields the negative energies and argumentative people.  


He resonates with the throat Chakra.  

If you have blockages here, ask Michael to come in. 

He will help you speak your truth.  



Raphael is our Healing Angel. 

He is also associated with the colour green.   


You always see him putting the color of green energy when I’m working with someone when removing old beliefs. Raphael then brings in green energy to heal and revive.  

Raphael likes divine love. If you are a Therapist and help others heal themselves, you call on Raphael.  

He even helps heal Pets and Livestock as well.  


He can also help heal relationships. 

Relationships with your parents, your kids, even your friends.   

He can help you heal the rifts between those relationships. 

His domain is the body, mind and spirit.  

He likes working closely with hospitals, the health care workers, dentist, faith healers, even opticians.  

He helps doctors and will even protect conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and adoption cases and orphans too. 


He can also help with meditation because of his light.  

Raphael also assists with travel and all the plans around planning a trip. He will always protect you when you are far away from home.  

Raphael resonates with the heart Chakra. 




Archangel Chamuel determines good and evil.  

He’s the angel of peaceful relationships. He can help build and repair relationships. 

He helps your relationships and brings in people to you who you need at the time. 

Chamuel is very good at finding lost items too.   

When you are missing things, call on him. 

My own dad’s dementia set in and he would just keep forgetting things. 

He kept hiding money and when we asked, he would simply reply that it is in the house.  

So call on Chamuel to search for things. 


Chamuel supports unconditional love in relationships.  

He really works well with psychologists; he loves fashion, even fitness and hairdressers. 

The police and prisons and social workers are also his domain. 


Chamuel resonates with the root chakra. 




I believe Gabriel is the only feminine type Archangel. Although, others believe Archangel Gabriel is more masculine.

She means strength to God. Gabriel is thought to be the angel of revelation. 

Gabriel gives us guidance for our vision, our inspiration and she really guides us all to the heavenly Gates on the path. 

She will provide assistance in finding your vacation too. 


She helps your house with purification 

She helps you when being born again, when releasing all the negatives that we hold onto in our energy field.  

She is very good for support workers and communication, marketing and administrative work where you have to type out Emails and texts.  


She is excellent with conflict resolution where arguments are present.  

She is also good with education. Computers aid too.  

She also helps with arts and crafts, needlework, the performing arts, hospitality, travel and tourism. 


Her virtue is diligence. 

She resonates with the Sacral Chakra. 




Jophiel means the beauty of God.  

He is the angel of thoughts, poetry, wisdom, understanding and judgment, joy and illumination. 

He really helps with arts and crafts and creative pursuits. 

Jophiel brings clarity and understanding and offers insights into the meaning of life and your life’s purpose. 

He is very good for the home and household, homemaking and beautiful food. 

He cares for your vegetable patches and herbs, even helps with making jams and pickling foods.  


Archangel Jophiel is responsible for campaigning and helps you with persuasion. 

He also looks after fashion and flowers. 

He loves to help with skincare, hair and make-up 

He helps you present you yourself, the authentic self, not hiding yourself from society.  

Jophiel looks after the hikers, the great outdoors and nature.  

He also loves blogging and even assists writing books. 


Jophiel resonates with the Crown Chakra. 

His virtue is patience. If ever you are in need of patience in your life, bring in Archangel Jophiel.  




Uriel means the light of God, the light of Source, whatever it is you believe in. 

Uriel is the Angel of wisdom. 

Whenever you need advice, bring in Archangel Uriel. 


Whenever we need to remove attachments that no longer serve you, you bring in Uriel as well. 

Uriel is excellent for the earth. 

His concern is shifting the consciousness within the earth, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and tsunamis.  

Uriel looks after our planet and he really does heal mother earth with his geology and geography.  

He controls maps and he always knows the way.  

He also looks after the oceans and the seas, the creatures and takes care of our water levels, and our pollution 

Uriel also looks after the mechanics of the solar system as a whole. 


His loves world peace and tranquility and service in devotion. 

He loves farming and the land. 

He is concern with fire and the ability to cook with fire and also helps with fire for protection.  

I can resonate, because I love fire and I’m a fire walk Instructor. 

He also protects writers as well.  


Uriel resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra and his virtue is chastity. 




Zadkiel is the angel of Mercy.  

He also loves change and therefor is always concerned with transformation, changing the forces for good. 

If you need change in your life, or if you need to change something within your life, if you’re stuck in a vicious wheel, you call upon archangel Zadkiel. 

He has the power to help you change your negative karma.  

Even if you don’t even know about it, he is the one to bring in and help you shift things. 

Zadkiel brings you tact and tolerance and diversity 


How many times do you say “You know, when I was young, I used to…” 

Then you know there is still work to be done changing you for the better.  

He is excellent with helping with forgiveness.  

If you need to forgive someone or if you need to forgive yourself, he helps with that 

The ability to forgive other people and their issues which is holding you back in your relationships is easier if you simply call in Zadkiel. 


Zadkiel helps when you want to grow a relationship and he really supports you when you have negative thoughts in your head. He’s very good to come and purify your thoughts. 

He helps with alternative medicines, holistic approach and choosing the back to nature methods. 

He is also good with personal development and transformation. He will see that you transform your life.  You simply call upon Zadkiel to help you with issues of confidence and even over confidence, boosting confidence within yourself. He guides you towards building yourself esteem and really values yourself, especially if you’ve got those low self-worth issues or low self-esteem. 

He really loves to help with health and wellbeing. 

He also with remembering events and people’s names and he will support your memory retention.  

He is excellent to call on for exams.  

And what I tend to do is when I, when I work with teams who are working with exam. 

Students have come back with amazing results after calling on Zadkiel with his library of books, to simply recall memories during exams.  

He loves insects, birds and butterflies all those kind of things.  


He resonates with the Third eye Chakra. 

His virtue is kindness. 

Whenever you need more kindness in your life, ask Zadkiel for help. 



When you start working with the angels, it can be a bit confusing at first, as the nature of the angel can be quite elusive 

You need to bring forth your intuitive abilities and develop your psychic powers to really enjoy the richness of the engines that can bring to your life. 

They really can decide what your life will be or become in the way they help you.  

The angels can remove the obstacles that are in the way, if it’s your right path. 


For example, you will have an idea about something but you are not even sure that the idea isn’t right. 

The angels know your move is not right because you are simply too calm about it. 

They will intervene and gently move you into the right direction. 

Once we start recognizing the work of the angels, is when your life simply starts flowing. 

This is divine intervention and then you realize you are in the right place.  

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