What is Energy? Spiritual | Matter

In short and in broad, the driving force behind all the physical phenomenon that happens in this entire universe.

So what is strange about the energy it is only that you can feel it, but can not see it. Then what you actually see are the physical effects of energy. 


All phenomena happening in this universe, whether the formation of stars, destruction of stars, formation of galaxies, the evolution of life forms on any planet, everything you can relate with energy.

Do we know all the facts...

Can we limit ourselves to the limited knowledge we humans have about energy, prior to the discovery of nuclear energy, who thought that the tiny atoms the building blocks of every matter not visible by naked eyes contain the tremendous form of nuclear energy sufficient to destroy its own creation i.e. the physical object to which it is a part of. 

So, What is Energy...

Is it not the driving force behind the creation of every physical form and then the reason for the destruction of that physical form.

Energy is the stuff we need to accomplish physical actions such as walking, lifting a glass, heating some water, or powering a television set.

Although this definition is correct, it’s a bit indirect because it really only conveys to us what energy is used for, not what energy is, or even how it behaves (for example, what happens to it after you use it?). A curious person might still ask questions like: 


Is energy a thing? 


Is it a property or a condition of a thing? 


How do we really define it? 


These are some of the questions we will try to answer in this and the following sections, as completely, briefly, and simply as possible.

With perhaps the exception of energy in the form of light, energy is not a thing per se.
Rather, energy refers to a condition or state of a thing.

As we will discuss in more depth later, a book sitting on a table, for example, possesses energy (“potential energy”) because of its condition of being able to fall if nudged off the table.


A ball flying through the air has energy (“kinetic energy”) because of its relative velocity with respect to the ground, and it also possesses potential energy because of its height above the ground.

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But people speak of energy as if it’s a thing. Moreover, we all know that energy can be stored, bought and sold, and transported. The reason that energy has all these aspects is, unlike many “conditions” that objects may be subject to, energy is conserved; the condition of having energy is always passed from one object to another, never created anew or destroyed. In this way, energy is pretty unique among conditions.

State Of Motion

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A good example of how energy is passed along from object to object is a water wave. A water wave gives the impression that there is an object moving across the water because the shape of the water doesn’t change very much.

But there really is not an object moving – rather, the movement itself of the water molecules is passed from each collection of water molecules to the next through the forces between the water molecules.

Similarly, people are familiar with heat flowing from one object to another. For a long time, because molecules are far too small to see, people thought that heat might be a kind of fluid-like substance, which some called “caloric fluid” that flowed from one thing to another.


Nowadays, we know that heat energy is the microscopic motion of molecules, and that this state of motion, not the molecules themselves, is what “flows” from hot objects to cold objects.

The Scientific Concept of Energy

To understand the concept of energy a little more deeply, one needs to first understand the concept of “work” as defined by the branch of science called physics.

Kinetic Energy

Consider a ball flying through the air for example.


If the ball collides with another ball, the ball will exert a force on the second ball for a moment, which does work on the second ball and causes it to move.


The newly acquired kinetic energy of the second ball after the collision is equal to the amount of work exerted on it by the first ball..

Matter is the physical stuff in our universe and energy is what makes matter move. Matter obtains energy in 2 forms.


  • Potential Energy- Energy possessed by the body by virtue of its position.
  • Kinetic Energy- Energy possessed by the body by virtue of its motion.

According to Conservation Law,

  1. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can change forms and
  3. In a reaction, the total amount of matter and energy remains constant.

An easier way to distinguish between matter and energy is to ask yourself whether something has mass and takes up space. If it does, it's matters and if it doesn't, it's energy.

We think if we can’t see it it doesn’t exist, but this is simply not true. 


Within this video is a beautiful energy band in nature,  recorded where I meditate on my daily walk,  to the naked eye you cannot see it, but I felt it,

The energy that surrounds us is like an aura or fingerprint that uniquely identifies who we are. The vibration of our energetic signature has a look, sound and feel to it. The vibration can be high frequency and positive, low frequency and negative or somewhere in between. Understanding your personal vibration will help you to better understand yourself as well as others around you. 


What the energetic vibration signature means and how it affect people’s lives daily. The truth is, there are many different theories on the subject, but most experts agree that everything has a frequency and vibration. 


This includes physical objects as well as intangible concepts like thoughts, ideas, and emotions.


Some say that your energetic vibrations can determine who you are or what you’re capable of achieving in life. Others believe it’s just an old wives’ tale with no scientific evidence to back up its claims.


Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s essential to know how energy works because understanding energy will help transform your life for the better. 

Our energetic vibration signature ...

… is a vital part of our lives. It can affect everything from relationships to career choices, which we think we have no control over. The only thing we can do is learn how to work with this aspect of ourselves positively. 

Understanding Energy

To understand how our energy vibrations affect us, we first need to know what they are and why they exist in the first place.

Our vibrations come from an integral part of who we are: our spiritual selves representing all aspects of humanity such as love, joy and creativity. 

We each have thousands upon thousands of individual vibrations that we transmit out into the world and most of what we communicate.


The best way to know where your energetic vibration signature is is to look around you in your life and see where you are at. 

Are you happy, or sad, a positive life or a negative one? This is relayed by what choices you make in your life. Where your focus is, this truly does create our reality. Think of a time when you started something that blew your mind. I know I have many manifestations I have made from my focus and intent. Where is your energetic vibration right now, and how does your energy body function?

What are you creating in your life, are you in the energy of your True Self or the Ego, look around you at your life as this is the only way of knowing where your energetic vibration is if you are continually in a low energetic vibration and know you are in this world to achieve greatness.

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