The 5 stages to Soul Loss

Soul Loss is apparent in our modern-day society, with so many people running after money, materialism, etc, and have forgotten to look within for all they need. Soul Loss can happen in these 5 stages of Soul Loss but when it becomes a problem is when you start experiencing any of these symptoms within the 5 stages of Soul Loss. I personally have worked with hundreds of people bringing back their soul parts and cleaning their energetic field and teaching them how to protect it from negative emotions, behaviours and thoughts.

Stage One – Loss of Confidence

Low self-worth or not feeling good enough is a popular one that most if not all of my clients have this symptom within an array of symptoms which they try to self medicate with the use of, either drugs, alcohol, religion, etc…or they social withdrawal is common as they do not want to be a burden to anyone or just can’t be bothered with the pretence around them.  

Also, when you’re really shy or you worry about what people think and you apologise quite a lot is a common one. I help them see how good their soul is.

How many people do you know that always apologise for the smallest thing or find it difficult even answering the simplest question.


Stage Two –  Loss of Control

When you’re overworked or underworked, you’re unable to access your inner resources.

You find it difficult to meditate, whereas, in the past you had no problem meditating.

You lack inner and outer boundaries, sexual diversity, addictions, this could be any addiction. It could be drug, alcohol, sex, food, gambling, shopping, or a sport addiction and so many more …..

Stage Three – Loss of Instinct. 

Now, what I mean by that, most of us have our instinct, when people have got so lost, there’s a dissociation in psychological terms and they lose their natural instinct.

You know, sometimes you could feel like you’re looking at yourself from above, about 20 years ago I wasn’t in a good place and I remember having fear as my soul flew around the room and I could see myself lying in bed, that is a great sign of Soul Loss. 

Or when you see someone who is very disconnected, from their body or disconnected from the emotions, or disconnected from their families or relationships or even themselves., or they’re frustrated, we all can get frustrated with life and it could be about anything that frustrates us.

Insomnia is a stage where there is Soul Loss, when there is severe insomnia there’s a weakness in your soul as you are generally overthinking far too much that your brain will not shut off. 

You’re very weak you just feel like life is hard,  you just can’t go on with the way life is, you feel what’s the point, why are we here, you have many questions and feel alone.

You’re unable to trust, that feeling that you’ve not listened to your intuition and you just don’t trust yourself, or anyone else for that matter.  Or you feel isolated.

Isolation, when you feel that loneliness, that’s a big one that will tell you, you have Soul Loss. 


Stage Four – Loss of Heart. 

That’s when you really feel numb. I remember many years ago I was very numb with my emotions that I was unable to have a loving relationship especially with myself and the cause of this was a very adverse childhood, I learned at an early age to become very numb to my emotions so no one could hurt me anymore.

But looking back after all my travels to different Shamans and Native Americans, Rinpoches, Monks and healers to heal myself and learn different techniques and coping strategies.  I realised, that I had gained so much strength and resilience from my childhood, that empathy and compassion were my close friend, as was, laughing in the face of adversity. 

So if you feel that numb, know that you can be release this,  to feel again and I can help you do that. 

Also, with your love partner loss of intimacy can cause you to become numb after a number of years. We are born into the human race to feel that passionate love but some people have become so scared of feeling. 

Some of us are ascending and more people are becoming awake within society. Which I love to see.

Another way of knowing you have Soul Loss is when you feel you’re unlovable within yourself and by society, this is only your perception, so you hide your real self from the world, and are scared to show the real you.

You have felt or feel heartbreak, grief or there’s a lot of trauma in your life which can cause anxiety and so many other negative emotions.

As I say, there’s a fear of intimacy, that some people feel. I was one of those people, I’m glad to say I have a very loving relationship with myself and my partner who is such a loving man.

Loving the wrong people. How many people love the wrong people? Do you go through that vicious cycle of loving the wrong person, and you say to yourself, how do I get out of this cycle? Well I can show you, I did and boy does it feel good as I attracted my Twin Flame.

Just remember Soul Loss doesn’t mean one part of you is lost, it can mean many, many parts of you are lost and want to come back. 


Stage Five – Loss of Many Soul Parts 

There’s been a trauma in your life. A trauma can mean that you have fell off your bike as a little girl aged 2 years and no-one is there to help you, or it can mean serious abuse or someone you loved died etc

Soul Loss in this stage can mean you feel depressed, are having panic attacks, or are completely burnt out and can’t keep doing what you’re doing in life, just can’t do it anymore, you have no purpose in life, or at the extreme end and you feel life is over and you have suicidal thoughts. 

Chronic fatigue or any other physical disease, because remember, disease starts within the energy field before it goes into the body. And it can be in your energy field for a number of years before it does go into to your body from a spiritual aspect.

I have a very good friend who is a senior nurse of over 20 years experience in intensive care and even she would say that sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason for someone being ill and have went through all the tests but nothing is showing why the patient is so ill.

It’s my job to help people to release any negative entities or curses or to bring those soul parts back. 

I blend a lot of therapies to help people and sometimes I don’t even know what’s happening because I do a lot of things spiritually. So it’s on a spiritual level that the work gets done, but what I do know is I am the facilitator of the spirit world to release any negativity within the energetic field or soul and I help bring back the soul parts that are ready to come back or anything else for that matter.

A lot of therapists, healers send their clients to me because they can’t get to the root cause of what’s actually going on. Most of the time it is Soul Loss the client is experiencing and it is my job to make them feel loving and wholesome again. 




Hi, I am Ann Varney a Spiritual Teacher and Coach and I help people with Soul Loss. 

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