A New Identity for the 21st Century

A spiritual entrepreneur – ‘SpiritNeur’ is one who has cultivated an awareness that their soul purpose and mission are aligned with entrepreneurship as a way to create positive change in the world. 

They embody this through intentional living practices such as mindfulness, self-care, creativity, meditation and more.


They operate from love rather than fear; they have courage and urgency about what they do because it feels right for them but also because they know it’s important work for the world. 


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to spirituality. We are all on our own unique spiritual path and it makes sense that we should have the freedom to pursue this path in an authentic way.


Spiritual entrepreneurs are a new breed of leaders who bring spirituality into their business. They’re the doers and dreamers who want to create change in the world while making money online, offline or both. 


They have integrated spirituality into every aspect of their life not just for personal growth but also for creating an impactful business that will make a difference in this world.


Someone who’s deeply committed to their own personal and professional growth, and using that to serve others. You’re not afraid of change. Well, most of the time!


The truth is that spirituality can mean whatever you want it to mean for your life! 


What hero’s journey are you on? 


Or are you still in the same place you were 5 or 10 years ago? 


What do you need to do to make that change?


Are you ready for your Hero’s journey?

What's Your Call to Adventure?

The hero’s journey is a person who has an adventure or quest they must go on, and this generally involves danger and new experiences. 

The Call to Adventure can be found in every major story ever told. It is the moment when the person leaves their comfort zone and starts down a path of personal growth, self-discovery, transformation, struggle and ultimately conflict.


The moment where the hero first realises that he or she has a special skill, talent, or power that sets him/her apart from everyone else. This realisation sends them on their journey and makes it possible for them to be called a “hero.”


Many spiritual entrepreneurs can relate to this. The call to adventure, the refusal of the call, crossing the threshold into unknown territory, and transformation are all part of this classic story that you’ve likely heard before.


But what does it actually mean?

Do You Refuse Your Calling?

A pattern of human life, whether it be in the form of an individual, community, or culture, every life has its share of trials and tribulations that define who we are. 


It is the story of a person called to adventure, who refuses that call. They are then shown what life would be like if they never left their comfort zone and continue living as usual. 


The hero then decides to take on this challenge in order to show themselves how much power they have inside themselves.


It has many similarities to what spiritual entrepreneurs may experience when they first start their business. 


They have been called by God/Source/Universe for this work and they are initially hesitant to answer that call. But as they begin their work, they realise it is not so easy going down this path alone.


There are many steps along the way from beginning stages through success where one needs helpers on both sides of the veil (those who have passed before us and those here with us now).


In the modern-day, a hero’s journey is more about answering the call of being an entrepreneur and stepping out into the unknown. You’ve been called to create something new that you can share with others.


You’re ready to take on this challenge but your fear is holding you back from making it happen. 

Meeting a mentor

A mentor is an important figure who guides and trains the hero. The importance of mentors in our lives and how they can help us to achieve success.


A universal story that has been told for centuries. The person sets off on an adventure to reach the goal of his or her quest and ultimately returns home with new knowledge and skills.


Successful entrepreneurs know this journey well- they set out to find their own success in business, often after years of hard work and failures. They are rewarded when their company starts to grow steadily, but then something happens along the way- they hit a wall.


This isn’t just some metaphorical blockage; it’s real-life challenges like financing, hiring employees or finding clients that make them feel stuck in place.


From experience, I know this only too well. Find a mentor who is trustworthy and really knows their shit! They walk the talk in their knowledge and spirituality.

Are Your Ready For Transformation?

The process of change and transformation. A threshold is any obstacle that stands in the way of achieving your goal, whether it be physical or mental. 


The stages on the path to transformation are often represented by thresholds and when we meet one, we must choose between two paths: continue with our old ways or make changes.


Having been on my own journey for over 20 years as I learned to navigate life with an invisible disability of very low self-worth and lack. 


I found ways to create meaning and purpose despite what others say or think about me. 


As a result, I have become an expert in how we can cultivate our inner power so we are able to face any challenge head-on with grace, beauty and humility – regardless of what it looks like from the outside. So we can all be ‘LIT’ and shine our inner Guru to the world!

Challenges and Temptations?

One of the most intense and difficult stages in any hero’s journey is the descent. This stage can be both a challenge and a temptation for many spiritual entrepreneurs. 


This can be anything from receiving a message from on high or being told that they have been summoned for jury duty. After hearing the call, they may hesitate but eventually, accept their fate and set out into an unknown world where they must confront their challenges and temptations.


What are you challenged within your life?


What are the temptations that keep you trapped?

Revelation: Death and Rebirth

You may be thinking this sounds like your own life story – it is! But have you ever considered how the hero’s journey can help you become more successful?


Death is a part of life and in order to live, we must accept it. 


When we do not acknowledge death, when we are in denial about the process of dying or refuse to face up to our mortality, then the fear of death can control us. What I have learned from my own spiritual journey is that there are many ways for people to come back into life through their beliefs and experiences with spirituality.


The fear of this unknown process often causes anxiety to rise in people. But it’s not something that should be feared – death is an inevitable part of being human. 


The hero journey archetype is one that depicts the idea of death and rebirth as necessary for change to happen in order for someone to become their best self.


Think of something where you went through a massive change in your life that caused havoc. But when you look back on hindsight, it was the catalyst for deep change causing you to dramatically change your life in a very good way!


My step here was becoming bankrupt, but it was my saviour, as I felt my business was a noose around my neck. Once I got over the fear of change, I felt amazing at the removal of the shackles I had placed upon myself.

Transformation is a must!

In our world, stories are a powerful way to communicate. We often find ourselves in the hero’s journey and want to know how they overcame their struggles. 


The journey can be applied not just to stories but also to your own life as you grow into who you are meant to be. We each have our own unique struggles in life which make us stronger when we overcome them.


Self-transformation is a difficult one


It takes work and perseverance to break down the old ways and create new ones that are better, healthier, stronger. But with dedication comes a beautiful transformation.


At no time is your transformation journey all sweetness and light, hell no! 


It’s all ‘snotters and tears’ and can be very messy indeed! Think of a time when you were like this, did you enjoy the process, don’t think so! I know I certainly didn’t in different parts of my life.

Atonement in a Hero’s Journey

Atonement in the hero’s journey is a process of overcoming and moving on from guilt, resentment or remorse. The atonement could be physical, emotional and/or spiritual


One way to think about it is that the person has done something wrong and must make up for it by doing right in some form.


When someone who goes on a quest, faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles, struggles with their own weaknesses and demons, but eventually emerges victorious by some divine intervention or personal discovery.


It could even be something as simple (which isn’t simple, it was downright frustrating and deliberating for me at first) as learning new technology, a new way of life, coming out of an old relationship into a new one. 


They victoriously come out the other end with so much pride, gratitude and feeling like a ‘Guru’ knowing they survived. 


I know I have been a bit over the top in some places here, but it is all true! 


Where do you want to be victorious in your life?


Where do you need change? 


What can you do about it right at this very moment?


What steps do you need to take to make you feel the excitement and a sprinkling of fear?


If you’re reading this blog post, then it’s safe to assume that you are a spiritual entrepreneur. 


You are probably also someone who has made at least one major mistake in your life and now feel like an imposter of some sort. The good news is that we all have these moments of self-doubt, but the bad news is that they don’t go away on their own.


As a spiritual entrepreneur, I know how important it is to continue learning and growing every day. For me personally, this means taking time out for daily meditation practise because I’m always trying to reconcile what my ego tells me with what Spirit teaches me through prayer or just being present in nature. 

The Gift of the God/Goddess

The god/goddess brings balance to our lives by providing both sides of the story: intuition on one side (feminine) and rational thinking on the other (masculine).


There is a universal truth that we all must face. It’s the one thing that permeates our lives and never lets up. While it may be different for each person, there are certain constants to this truth: death, sickness, taxes and change. 


What if you knew that your life was meant to be a hero’s journey?


Imagine the incredible courage it would take to live out the destiny set before you


Wouldn’t it be easier just to stay in bed, or at least settle for an average life?


No one can force you on this path. It is not easy and sometimes there are no rewards for years of service. You have to find joy within yourself through sacred practice. 


The god/goddesses will guide us along our path, but only you can decide when you step up and walk into the unknown with courage. 


Where do you want to live your hero’s journey? 


Because we all have one!

Which is yours?


Let me know in the comments! If I can help you with your ‘Hero’s Journey’ I would be more than happy to hold your hand as you walk your own path into being ‘LIT’ from your own awesomeness and Guru status!

How to turn your spiritneurship from zero to hero

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