What is your purpose in life?

This question can be difficult to answer. It’s not easy to find your “why.” But, it’s worth the time and effort. Your soul purpose will help you find meaning in your life and provide a direction for how you live.


You’ll know that what you’re doing matters, because it relates back to your higher purpose – something greater than yourself or anyone else on this planet.

Your soul’s mission in this lifetime can be more than what you do for a living. It has to do with the way that you live and how you interact with others, too.


Your higher self knows exactly what it is – so find out by asking yourself these questions:


BE A YOGI DETECTIVE: 7 questions to ask about your soul purpose

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What are my talents, skills or abilities?

If you are feeling lost, frustrated or stuck in life and don’t know why, it is time to take a look at the most important thing: your soul. 


The first step in finding out your soul purpose is figuring out what makes you happy. 

What does this mean?

It means that when you stop doing things that make you unhappy and start doing more of what makes you happy – even if it’s not always easy – then good things will happen!


The question of what your talents, skills or abilities are is a difficult one to answer. It can be hard to take the time and reflect on this without feeling overwhelmed by your many obligations.


But I think it’s important that we do try to find out because knowing what we’re good at can help us feel more confident in ourselves and also figure out how best to use our time.

Who am I most happy when serving?

I think that we are all happiest when we are able to serve others in a way that is meaningful to them. It doesn’t matter if it’s our children, our friends, or even strangers on the street- as long as there is love and compassion behind the gesture, I think we experience joy. In fact, this might be one of the best ways to share love with other people.


I know we are all busy and have a lot on our plates, but I think it’s important to take time for ourselves and do things that make us happy. It is so easy for people to get caught up in what they don’t want or need, and forget about what makes them feel fulfilled.

How would I like people to remember me?

For some, the answer is easy. They want their name and memories of them to live on forever in the minds of those they leave behind. Others may not care as much about how they’re remembered, so long as those left behind are happy and healthy. 


But what if you’re someone who wants an even split? Someone who wants to be remembered by both groups because you believe your life had meaning for everyone involved? 


Do you ever wonder what people will remember about you after your death? Do you want them to think that your life was a waste of time or do you want people to know that the most important thing in your life was spiritual growth?


What can you do right now that will not only fill you with pride but your family and friends too?

Am I good at listening?

Is listening an innate skill or is it something we learn?


It’s been said that “the most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t being said.” So if we’re not actually hearing, this must be a learned skill. Listening can take patience and effort, but the payoff can be huge – you might gain a new perspective on your own life and beliefs, as well as on those of others.


The first step to becoming better listeners is to recognise our natural tendencies: some people have a tendency to listen more than they speak; other people have a tendency to talk too much when they are uncomfortable with silence; still others may dominate conversations even though their points are weak. Understanding these tendencies helps us become aware of how we react.


Many people feel like they are good listeners but the truth is that we all have a tendency to focus on what we want to talk about and tune out other points of view. If this sounds familiar and you want to improve your listening skills, take a look at these 3 tips:


1) Play the role of active listener – resist the temptation to think about what you’re going to say next and instead focus on what they’re telling you 


2) Stay silent – when someone finishes speaking wait before responding, this pause gives them time to finish talking and ensures that they feel heard 


3) Ask questions – sometimes all we need is for someone else to ask us questions so that we can reflect on our own thoughts

What would make me happier and healthier?

Your soul purpose is your reason for being. Your soul’s mission in this lifetime can be more than what you do for a living, it has to do with the way that you live and how you interact with others too! It might not seem clear right now – but once you find out, everything will click into place.


So many questions, but you have your own inner guru inside you just need to tap into it.



There is no one universal way to find your purpose, but it will come when you least expect it! Stay open minded, keep asking questions about yourself until you get an answer.

BE A YOGI DETECTIVE: 7 questions to ask about your soul purpose

What would your dream job be?

You’re in your dream job. You have the flexibility to work from anywhere you want, a perfect work life balance and you get to do what you love every day. 


Sound too good to be true? It’s not!


The thing is, it can take time for this kind of job to come along so in the meantime I recommend that you cultivate some of these qualities:


–  Have an open mind about different types of jobs

–  Be willing to learn new skills or get more training if necessary

–  Stay focused on your current goals


Also, tune into your soul and ASK! Yes, all you need to do is ASK


It’s that simple!

Exercise to connect to your soul purpose

Breathe into your heart space and relax your energy.

In your mind go to an actual place you love to go to in nature

See yourself walking or just sitting enjoying the place.

Feel the air on your skin, and basking in the warmth of the sun

See your higher self walking towards you 

Have a conversation asking ‘What is my soul purpose, and what are the steps I need to make in order to live it?’


Let me know in the comments, how it goes.

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