Finding Peace in letting Go

Finding Peace in Letting Go | Death Becomes Us

My Father’s Journey Through Dementia and Crossing Over

Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing a parent to dementia and other complications can be an especially difficult experience.


When my father passed away, I found solace in the spiritual journey that he went through with the help of my deceased mother and his own mother. 


Through our collective efforts to clear any karmic bonds that remained between us, my father was able to cross over to the other side eventually. 


Although he experienced fear and discomfort during their passing, there were moments of peace and connection that brought beauty to the experience.


As painful as it was to watch them go, I take solace in knowing that he is no longer suffering and is now at peace.


The Challenges of Being A Carer To Dementia

Watching my father go through the progression of dementia was heartbreaking.


The man who had once been a tyrant to some of my family was slowly losing his sense of self and his ability to communicate with us. 


As his condition worsened, I had to make difficult decisions about his care and quality of life.


It was a challenging and emotional journey, but we were determined to provide him with the best possible care and comfort.


Assuming sole responsibility for the care of a family member with no support or acknowledgement can be a deeply isolating experience.


As my father’s illness progressed, memories from my childhood resurfaced, and his behaviour became difficult for both me and his care team.


It was a challenging time, and I found myself longing for validation and connection from the only father figure I had ever known, even at the age of 54.


The Role of Spirituality in the End-of-Life Journey

Throughout my father’s illness, I found solace in my belief in spirituality. I belief that our loved ones who had passed on were still with us in some way, and that death was not an end, but rather a transition to another phase of existence.


This belief gave me comfort as I cared for my father and prepared for his eventual passing.


As I worked to release the karmic bonds between myself and my father, who was struggling to let go, I witnessed a powerful energetic release.


In that moment, he opened his eyes and called out to my mother from the spiritual realm. I could feel her presence in the room, a palpable energy of unconditional love that I had previously only experienced in spiritual retreats and meditations.


What surprised me most was that my mother had despised my father before she passed many years ago.


Yet, in that moment of transition, all that remained was a profound sense of connection and love.


It was a powerful reminder that we are all connected in consciousness and that even the most difficult relationships can be transformed through forgiveness and spiritual release.


Clearing Karmic Bonds to Find Peace

As my father’s health declined, I began to reflect on my relationship with him and any unresolved issues that may have existed between us.


I wanted to ensure that there were no lingering negative feelings or regrets that could impact his journey to the other side. 


I engaged in a process of clearing any karmic bonds that remained between us by asking for forgiveness from my father and from myself. 


This process allowed us to find peace and closure and to help my father find the same.


A Peaceful Passing with Spiritual Help

In the days leading up to my father’s passing, I relied heavily on my spiritual beliefs and practices to guide me.


I called on my father’s own mother, who had passed away many years before, to help him transition to the other side. As he kept asking for his mum.


I also engaged in meditation to provide comfort and support to my father in his final days. When he did pass away, I was able to find solace in the belief that he had crossed over peacefully and was now with his loved ones on the other side.


Finding Meaning in Loss

Losing my father was a difficult experience in my life, but it also taught me valuable lessons about the power of spirituality and the importance of finding peace and closure in the face of loss. 

By engaging in the process of clearing karmic bonds and relying on spiritual practices, I was able to help my father find a peaceful crossing to the other side.

Though we will always miss him, we can take comfort in knowing that he is now at peace and that I did everything I could to support him in his journey.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but spirituality can provide a powerful source of comfort and guidance in the face of loss.

By engaging in practices that help us clear any negative feelings or unresolved issues, we can find peace and closure for ourselves and our loved ones. 

My father’s journey through dementia and crossing over taught me the power of spirituality and the importance of finding meaning and purpose in even the most difficult experiences.

Life and death may seem like distinct and separate experiences, but the truth is that there is no true separation.

Despite any feelings of hatred or discord that may exist between partners, children, or siblings, these emotions ultimately don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. 

We are all connected as one, and this spiritual truth transcends any earthly conflicts or disagreements.

If you’re struggling to find closure or need help releasing karmic bonds, know that you don’t have to go through it alone.

As someone who has personally experienced the power of spiritual release and forgiveness, I offer my support to anyone who needs it. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for guidance and assistance on your own journey towards healing and growth.


R.I.P.  Thomas Sinnett   6/6/1934 – 12/3/2023


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