Be clear on what you want

If you’re feeling unclear about what you want in life, it can be hard to move forward. I know this because I used to feel the same way. It’s not like we didn’t have goals and dreams, but they seemed so out of reach that our mind couldn’t even contemplate them.


At a certain point, though, we made a decision: going after what we wanted was worth the risk just as much as doing nothing at all. And when we finally took action on those desires – taking baby steps or big leaps – magic happened!

20 ways to thrive as a spiritual entrepreneur

Know your strengths and weaknesses

The spiritual entrepreneur, like any other entrepreneur, has to know their strengths and weaknesses. A plethora of tools exist for developing these skills but it is important to note that all business people should know the basics of marketing, finance and management before they embark on a career in entrepreneurship. The spiritual entrepreneur has an additional set of skills to develop as well: those related to spirituality.


The spiritual entrepreneur has a rich life, but it is not an easy one. There are many challenges that come with being a self-employed spiritual worker and there are countless pitfalls to avoid along the way too. One of the most important tasks for any entrepreneur is knowing their strengths and weaknesses so they can plan accordingly.

Read books, take courses, or Be Mentored

Invest in yourself by reading books, taking courses, or mentoring with someone who has already been successful as a spiritual entrepreneur. 


People often ask, “How did you do it?” or “What’s your secret?” There is no one answer. 


From the outside looking in, spiritual entrepreneurship looks like a great gig – sitting on top of a mountain with all of life’s problems solved and only enjoying the good stuff. The reality is that there are many challenges for this type of entrepreneur including:

Taking care of yourself so you can take care of others

– Balancing money and spirit 

– Facing your own shadow (aka challenging emotions)

– Navigating power dynamics


The spiritual entrepreneur is the person who has a deep connection with their own spirituality and uses this to guide them in their work. The goal of the spiritual entrepreneur is to help others find peace, empowerment and enjoyment in life through what they do.

Find a mentor to help guide you through the process of starting your own business

We all have dreams and aspirations. Some of us want to start a business but are unsure how to go about it. If you’re someone who feels this way, then you need a mentor. Someone who can guide you through the process of starting your own business. You can find mentors in many different places such as online or offline networking events, or by asking friends and family for their help.


Starting a business is not easy. You have to find the right idea, create a plan, and then execute that plan. It’s also not an inexpensive process by any means. So if you are thinking of starting your own company, it might be wise to seek guidance from those who’ve done it before.


Starting your own business is a monumental task. You have to make so many decisions and take on so much responsibility that it can be overwhelming. The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone! There are mentors out there who are just waiting for someone like you to ask them for help.


I know how hard it was for me to go from a shop front business to an online business and all the processes I had to learn. I spent thousands of £££ with ‘fake gurus’ and ‘greedy people’ So I created ‘How To Turn Your SpiritNeurship From Hero To Zero’ to help other people be the best they can be on the online platform because let’s be honest, that is where most people have their business now!

Be open to new opportunities

Keep an open mind about opportunities that come your way- they might not be perfect but they could still be the right fit for you! 


Are you feeling stuck or uninspired? 

Do you feel like your life has lost its meaning and purpose?


You may be looking for something new, but don’t know where to look. 


I’ve been there too! Spiritual entrepreneurs face many challenges on a day-to-day basis. We have to balance our personal lives with the needs of running a business and taking care of ourselves. It’s not easy, but it can be done!


As spiritual entrepreneurs, we are often called to follow our intuition and let go of expectations. The world is a mysterious place with many unknowns; why not tackle it with an open mind? Be more open-minded in your daily life, allowing for new opportunities that might seem out of reach or even impossible.

Be Supported On Your Journey

Have you ever felt like this journey is too hard to go alone? 


That sometimes it’s just a little bit lonely, and the weight of everything on your shoulders can feel unbearable at times? 


I know that feeling. I have been there many times myself.


What if you could get some support for those difficult days – someone who has walked in your shoes and knows what it feels like to be tired, discouraged, or afraid? 


What if they knew what questions to ask and how to encourage you when all else seems lost?


As a spiritual entrepreneur, it can be difficult to feel supported and grounded. There are so many distractions that we face on a daily basis–things like social media, our work schedule, or even just the commitments we’ve already made.


I want to share with you the importance of being supported on your journey. 


Whether it’s a spiritual or business journey, there is strength in numbers and power in community! 


When we are supported by others who have faced similar challenges, it can make the difference between success and failure. 


There is no shame in asking for help when it comes to achieving our goals because everyone needs support at some point or another. Whether you need someone to talk things through with, an accountability partner, or just someone cheering you on from afar–you deserve that type of love and care too!


Get support from friends and family members who are also interested in spirituality or entrepreneurship so that it’s not just a lonely journey!

Know your worth

True in its simplicity, but you need to value yourself and know what you are worth!


There is no shortage of books and workshops that teach you how to make money, but what about when you have enough? When we’re at the point in our lives where we just want to be happy, not wealthy. What about all those times when your bank account balance means nothing and happiness trumps wealth every time?


When you know your worth, it’s easier to set boundaries and say no to people that don’t want the best for you.


The spiritual entrepreneur is at the forefront of a new movement to help people find their worth and value. They are able to create businesses that are aligned with their beliefs and values, enabling them to make more money while making a difference in the world.

Be open and honest about your intentions

The spiritual entrepreneur is a person who has made the conscious decision to take responsibility for their own spirituality and live a life that reflects this. Whether you are an artist, healer, author, coach or consultant – if your work impacts others in some way spiritually then you are a spiritual entrepreneur.


Do you find yourself feeling frustrated from the pressure of being perfect? We all have a certain level of expectation that we put on ourselves and it can be hard to maintain.


The reality is, no one will ever be 100% successful in life so don’t feel bad about not achieving your goals. It’s important to remember that perfection is an illusion; just because you haven’t accomplished everything doesn’t mean you’re failing miserably. 


It is hard to be open and honest about our intentions. Especially in the spiritual entrepreneur world, we are often told that it’s not what you say but how you say it. But I believe that if you are clear about your intention, your message will resonate more deeply with people.


The spiritual entrepreneur is a person who is self-aware, has an open mind, and can see their own potential. They know not only what they want to create in life but also how to manifest that creation. The spiritual entrepreneur knows that there are no limits when it comes to creating the life one desires for themselves.

Get clear on what you want to offer

Do you want to be a spiritual entrepreneur?


If so, then it’s time to get clear on what you want to offer the world. 


What is your message? 


How do you want people to feel after they’ve read your book or attended one of your workshops? 


Do you have an idea for a new blog post series that will help people with their spiritual journey? 


It’s important not only to know what products and services are offered in the market but also how they can best serve potential customers. As a spiritual entrepreneur, understanding who your audience is and what they need from you will allow them to experience healing through spirituality.

Build a team that will support you

Spiritual entrepreneurs are on a journey to create an impact in the world. They want to be able to make a living doing what they love and loving what they do. But, while it is possible for some people, there are many pitfalls that can cost these entrepreneurs everything if not careful.


A company of one person may seem like the best way to go, but often times it’s better to build a team around you so that you don’t have all the weight on your shoulders and can enjoy this journey as well!


A lot of people think that entrepreneurship is a solo sport but it’s not. What you need are the right team members to support and help you in your journey as an entrepreneur. Find someone who has what you don’t have, such as a graphic designer or web developer, so that they can contribute their skills to your business.


No one said it would be easy to start your own business. The process is full of ups and downs, but can also be very rewarding. Building a team that will support you in this journey is key.

Create an environment for yourself where it is easy to be productive

The idea of a work-life balance is an illusion. The reality is that we have to find ways for our work and life to be intertwined so that they are not pulling us in opposite directions.


We all have days where we’re not able to be productive. That’s okay, but it can be frustrating when you don’t know how to change your environment so that it’s easier for you to get things done. 


The first thing you need to do is create an environment that makes it easy for yourself to be productive. 


You might want to start by not multitasking, as research has shown that people who are distracted don’t get much done. 


The second thing you can do is remove distractions from your workspace and set a timer so you know when the time’s up. 


Turn off social media notifications on your phone or computer; these can really distract you and pull your attention away from what needs to be done.

Volunteer at events or donate Time

Give back by volunteering at events or donating time and money to organizations that align with your values and beliefs.


There are a few ways you can help out at an event. The most common way is to volunteer your time and energy for tasks that need to be done in order to run the event successfully. 


This could include things like registering guests, helping with parking, or assisting with food service. 


You might also donate items such as door prizes, raffle items, or auction items.


Many events go on because of generous donations from people who want to see them happen but don’t have the time or resources themselves. 


If you’re interested in giving back to your community while also meeting new people and expanding your network, then volunteering is the way to go.

Find your niche

Do you want to have a successful spiritual business? 


You will need to find your niche. 


What is your message? 


what are the people that you are trying to reach?


What do they need? 


The more specific and targeted you can be with your message, the better. We all want to feel like we’re on the right path, but often times it can be hard knowing what direction to go. 


If you find yourself in a position where you are unsure of how to proceed, I have an exercise that might help:

– Write down 10 things that interest you or make you happy.

– Look at your list and see if there’s anything that seems related – for example, maybe one thing is cooking and another is helping others. 


This could mean that while both things interest me, they also align with each other in some way. When I look back at my list now I realise my niche may be as a spiritual entrepreneur and cookbook author!

Create a business plan and budget

So many people think they can just start a spiritual business without any planning or budgeting. But as soon as you have to deal with rent, bills, and utilities; it becomes clear that this is not the case.


The best way to get started on your new spiritual endeavor is by making a plan and doing some research–not only about what you’re going to be doing but also about how much money it’s going to take for you to do it.

The early days of a new business are the most challenging, but very exciting!


 You may have an idea, but without capital and experience, it can be difficult to get your company off the ground. 


As a spiritual entrepreneur who has been there before, I know this only too well. But you got to work hard, but it doesn’t feel like work if you love what you do in helping people.


The first step to creating a business plan is defining what your company does. 


What are some of the services or goods that make up your product? 


How do those services or products impact people’s lives? 


Who are they for? 


Once you have answered these questions, it’s time to answer the most important question: 


Why should someone buy from me instead of my competitor?


Once you know what makes your company different from everyone else in this space, it’s time to think about costs and how much money you need for your living expenses and what you need to sell in order to receive those expenses.

Set goals for yourself and the company

In order to achieve success, you need a strong foundation. Without it, your business will crumble. You can’t just set goals for yourself and forget about the company that you are working for – they must be aligned with your personal goals in order to create an effective plan of action.


Setting goals for yourself and your company is crucial. When you set a goal, it becomes tangible and something that can be achieved. Having a vision of what you want to do and then achieving this will inspire others around you as well as motivate them to work with you on your journey forward.


Creating a budget and business plan is an important step for any entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about your idea, without this foundation in place it will be difficult to get off the ground. 

Market your products or services to potential customers

You’ve created a product. Maybe you’re an artist or designer and have finally finished your latest work. 


You want to sell it, but don’t know how to market it online?

There are plenty of ways to promote your products or services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., but the keyword here is “plenty.” 


3 channels that will help boost sales: Facebook Ads (which can be very expensive) you can also use live videos on Facebook for organic marketing, email marketing (i.e., lead magnets) and blogging/influencer marketing.


Product marketing is essential to the success of any business. A company needs to have a solid understanding of its target audience and what they want or need in order to be successful. 


The product must also stand out from the competition, whether it be through price, quality, features, design or customer service experience.

Offer a free lead magnet to attract new customers

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to marketing your business. One of the best ways is through giving away a free lead magnet, most often in the form of an ebook or workbook. 


This will attract new customers who are looking for information and resources in your field of expertise.


“Do you have an email list? If not start one, (if your not sure how to. I can show you in my new program ‘How to turn your SpiritNeur from Zero to Hero’). 


If you’re like me, I know that creating a lead magnet can be daunting. But it doesn’t need to be!

learn new skills, processes, and systems

Be patient with yourself as you learn new skills, processes, and systems in order to grow as a spiritual entrepreneur. 


We are a rare breed. Few people have the patience and discipline to work with their own energy, let alone help others do so. The process is not always easy but it is worth it in the end, as spiritual entrepreneurship can be one of the most rewarding careers out there.


Is can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship? But once you know your systems that I had to learn before I could really blossom within my business. 


A lot of people are drawn to the idea of working for themselves and not having to answer to anyone. They think it will be a breeze, but soon find out that there is so much more than they thought involved in owning their own business. One of the most difficult parts can be learning how to run things like your accounting or sales process.


It can be hard to learn the systems and processes of an online business. It’s like learning a new language – it just takes time, practice, and patience. 


In the past, I have been fortunate enough to be able to rely on my intuition and gut instinct when it came to running a business. 


This was great for me at first, but as time went on I felt like my gut was being stretched too thin and I couldn’t focus well anymore. 


I started feeling that if I wanted to grow my business, then I needed some help. 


Thankfully there are now systems out there that can guide you through the process of starting your online company from scratch or helping you take an existing business to new heights. Hence why I created my own system of step by step processes to help spiritual entrepreneurs just starting in the online world of business.


Do you feel like your work is a never-ending task? 


Do you often find yourself frustrated, stressed and unfulfilled?


If so, it’s time to break from the old way of working. It’s time for a new way of thinking that will help you achieve more in less time. 


I’m going to show you how to Work SMART with these five simple steps:


  1. Set Goals
  2. Make A Plan
  3. Take Action     
  4. Review Progress & Adjust Tactics To Meet Goal(s)
  5. Share Success With Others


These steps will help you effective in your work, not just busy. So always make sure you work SMART within your business.

Learn to say NO

It’s hard to say no. We’re taught from an early age that we should be polite and acquiesce to others’ requests, but this is not always the best strategy for our own well-being. Saying “yes” too often can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and resentful of other people’s needs. 


When it comes to our own needs. But if we don’t learn how then we will always be too busy and never get anything done. The key is prioritising what is most important to you- your work, your family or even yourself- and avoid feeling guilty for not doing other things on the back burner.


In the business world, it can be difficult to say “no” to people. You might not want to let your clients down or have a negative impact on your reputation. However, there are times when you need to put yourself first and take care of what you need in order for success!


So I honour you, and if someone is in your life right now that is maybe draining you, or you don’t want to do something as it does not fit with your morals or principles. I invite you to just say NO!


Please comment below if this article has helped you in any way. If you need further guidance, please get in touch at

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